How To: Cereal Box Storage Bins.

By: Chrisjob May 15, 2009

Rachel had some fabric, and needed a project. Rachel eats cereal, and needed a reuse for the boxes. Get where she's going with this...?

{my new storage bins in action}

"I decided that some funky, colorful storage bins were just the ticket. I really wanted these bins to be as “green” as I could make them, so I brainstormed with my fellow urban-nesters, as we often do, to find a way to construct these by repurposing something from around the house. We came up with cereal box panels inside a fabric slipcover."


Download the instructions here.


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Hmmmm. Do ya think this can be made with fusible web and duct tape instead of sewing??

Very cute, I love it!

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