Tutorial: Rolled Fabric Roses.

By: Chrisjob Aug 08, 2008

Here's a fresh tutorial from Portabellopixie on creating roses from rolled fabric. Use 'em anywhere, or make them cause they're fun.


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Thanks for the tutorial - am going to attempt to make a necklace for a wedding i'm going to made from lots of rolled roses. Wish me luck!!

Oh this tutorial totally rocks and if it works the way I want it to is going to save me a ton of cash. I'm going to try it with costume satin, cross your fingers.

Very pretty pics but I'm still utterly confused about the 90 degree folding - I just can't make my folds match the pictures; surely it can't be that bloomin' hard?!?!?!?


Yours hair-tearing-outedly,


Thank you for the tutorial.  I have viewed several different instructions for making these roses and have been thoroughly confused.  When I came upon yours I was thrilled!  Not only do you have colored photographs of the finished project, but you have step by step visual aid.  I was so confused about the 90 degree folding until you made it perfectly clear.  I am about to start sewing all my christmas presents for my family and I'm going to include several items with these beautiful rolled roses.  Thank you so much, I'm going to start right now!  I will  keep an eye on everything you post in the future.



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