Freebie Time: Free, Printable Library Cards, Pockets, and Mini-Notes!

By: Chrisjob Aug 08, 2008

In the DIY design blogosphere, tis always the season for giving: Creature Comforts offers free, download and printable library card pocket templates, standard library cards, and mini-notes. No more description necessary, just go get 'em.

Download library_card_pocket_template.pdf
Download free_standard_library_cards.pdf
Download free_mini_gift_cards.pdf

Via Decor8.

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Please tell me how I can get the template for book pockets, thank you

Please tell me how to get the template for library book pockets, thank you.

Hi, how do I get the library pocket free download template please?


Thanks for fixing the freebie link!

Carmen L

Hello, is there any way to get this in a word document?

Thank you!

the links appear to be broken

Wow!! these are fabulous....but the links do not work. Hope you get them fixed...will be back to check....Thanks so much for sharing!!

Please let me know when your link to the freebie pocket is fixed. Thank you! cal8007 at aol dot com Carmen

I can't download this either, and I really want it.

I too was unable to open the template for library card pocket and template...what am I doing wrong...sure it's operator error.

I am interested in your libary card pocket template, standard library cards, and mini gift cards in pdf form but when I click on the links I just get a blank page.  Wondering if it was me or you? :)  The preview looks awesome - shown above.

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