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By: Charlesandhudson Jun 25, 2007


Summer's been mild so far in NYC but I fear the humidity is rising and I'll run my AC 24/7.  This puts a cramp in my power bill and I'm also trying to cut back on my energy consumption so I've done a bit of research for cooling down without AC.  Beyond the fan there are a few techniques that I've come across.

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I use the old-fashioned strategic opening and closing of windows / blinds technique. In the middle of the day, I close the windows and curtains to keep the cooler air in and then, when the day cools down, open everything up to create a cross-draft.

Great tips. I haven't use AC in my home for 2 years (freon leaked out & I'm too cheap to refill) but one gets used to the high temps and adjusts. There are days that seem fine to me while my co-workers can't imagine living w/o their AC - it helps knowing my ancestors lived w/o it for thousands of years.

 I have a dual fan where you can do one intake and one exaust. That, ceiling fans and an occasional cold shower work great.

They forgot the best tip of all, walk around naked! This only works if you live alone or have no children in your home... then it just wouldn't be right. Also be careful if you have leather furniture!
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