How to make the closet nice and organized?

By: Angela Dec 25, 2006

I wanna do something to my crazy closet.Every time I open it, I have to face a mess,then dig "a hole" in it to find something I  need.

May be I just have too much stuff? I do need some advice.

Does anyone have the same experience? 



Thanks ,booizzy.Your advice is really helpful.

I'm going to upgrade my closet,and say goodbye to the mess.:)


im going to copy that advice when i move. it looks handy. Im assuming you just gutted the whole closet first?
What do you have in the closet? And what sort of shelves and rods are in there? I have a tiny house and find that having well-organized closets make a huge difference. I used a Rubbermaid Configurations kit in my bedroom closet to improve my clothing storage. It made a huge difference, and it was really easy to install.
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