How to Make Boy Shorts

by Threadbanger

Haven't done laundry in a while? Need some more underwear? Well take a lesson from Rob and Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty and turn your old t-shirts into a pair of boy shorts! And put off doing laundry for another day... Watch the full Episode here!



 First thing to do is to draw out a design

Take out a t-shirt, you can use the same sleeves but Maxwell uses sleeves from another t-shirt to...

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How To Make Boxers from Old Pillowcases

by Threadbanger

Yup, that's right.... We're showing you how to make some pretty awesome Anti-Valentine's Day boxers out of some old pillowcases. Dont worry, if you love valentine's day, you can make them pro-V-day as well! And don't forget to subscribe to our show on iTunes and check our website for more cool crafts!

Watch the in depth video tutorial below:

1. First you'll need to make a pattern for your boxers. Check our blog for instructions. Once you've made...

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How to make board shorts out of an old suit

by Threadbanger
Welcome to How To Tuesdays, Threadbanger's summer special. Today we are going to answer a viewer's question and show you how to make an awesome pair of board shorts out of an old business suit. We're back every Tuesday showing you how to make a new piece of clothing for your summer wardrobe, so if you like what you see, subscribe to our show in iTunes and be sure to check out our website, Threadbanger for some more cool How To tips. Watch the...

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Make a Custom Pair of Shorts - Sewing For Dudes (and Ladies) No. 3.

by Chris Gardner

It's hot outside. Don't let your fear of showing off your knees prevent you from dressing for the weather. Sew your own pair of shorts, and they'll be as long or short as you please.

A pair of pants
Sewing machine and thread
Combination square

1. Take off your pants. Put on the trousers that will become you shorts, and determine where you’d like the length of your shorts...

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