not so fast, deer

by Ricki

By and large, we take a live and let-live attitude toward the deer. They provide endless entertainment from our dining room windows, and in return, they are allowed to browse at will. I will buy strawberries at the Farmers’ Market because the deer nibble the flowers before they can...

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Help Identify an Unknown Object

by Zola Claire

Does anyone have any clues as to what these objects may be?  My husband bought these two objects at an auction several years ago and we do not know what they are or were used for.  We have speculated that the iron thingy may have been used like an ancient earthquake detector... there are tiny pebbles inside of the claw-like things that tinkle when the thing is shaken.  And perhaps they put incense in the top... to assist when praying that their...

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To go with your UFO light, here's another cow thingy.

by Badbadivy

Y'all, I have no idea what my fascination with cows is. And I'm not talking that "country kitchen" cow stuff, that stuff icks me out. But give me a sculpture or a picture with a cow doing something odd, and I'm hooked.

So when my new favorite blog, Nerd Approved, linked today to this cow sculpture, I about crapped my pants with glee. Okay, that's a bit strong, but I was thrilled to see this:


That's right, a cow sitting on a park bench reading a...

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