How to: Choose the Cleanest Houseplants

by Matt Allison

created at: 10/30/2012

While I'm blessed to have an occupation that sees me spending a fair bit of time outdoors, most of us spend as much as 90% of our lives indoors. In fact the EPA currently ranks indoor air pollution as the number one threat to public health, but did you know that humble houseplants can reduce the levels of several of these airborne pollutants?

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Ask what your houseplants can do for you

by Marvin Windows

We write a lot about plants and gardening, mostly thanks to the great contributions from regular guest writer P. Allen Smith. This morning, a piece from Elle Decor about hip houseplants caught our eye -- and inspired us to pull together this collection of basic ways houseplants can jazz up a room or space easily. Even the simplest plants can add a touch of liveliness, energy and style to a room:


When chosen carefully, and put in...

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How To: 15, Easy Low-Maintenance Plant Projects.

by Chris Gardner

It's pretty incredible, really: plants that have developed in low-light conditions in the jungles of South American and Asia, with remarkably clean lines and tight textures that work amazingly in inside conditions in homes around the globe.

Low amounts of work, and quite the domestic payoff. Apartment Therapy has assembled fifteen of their favorite easy houseplant projects from 2009, which add a fun, intentional element with no fears of black thumbin' it.

A succulent is a beautiful thing. "Many of the following projects involve these easy-care beauties, while others are just simple but inspiring gardens and planters, some of them for small spaces, some for low-water situations, and so on. Enjoy!"

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