How To Build a SeedHouse/Mini Greehouse

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2009-03-26

My husband grew up on a farm. He professes to love his fruit trees and vegetable garden. Once he plants, that's about the end of it. I think he really just likes buying seeds. He may very well be the worst gardener/tree grower I've ever seen. This has tainted my desire to plant my own veggie garden, up until now. I'm ready to stake out my own Victory Garden this weekend. How fortuitous to come across 

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Make a Mini Greenhouse from Recycled CD Cases

by Chris Gardner

This clever photo led me to this excellet tiny recycled greenhouse. What a use for the boxes of CD cases that I refuse to throw away. 

Materials: Four compact disc cases

1. Remove the front (the clear part) from three of the cases.

2. Tape or glue the three cases in a box shape, and then add the final case on the back, as in the photo.

3. Help your little seedlings thrive by placing the greenhouse over the plant, using...

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