138 Vegan Pasta Recipes from Around the World

by DIY Maven


Secret: I could probably eat pasta every night. The reason I don't, of course, is I'm afraid I'd get sick of it after a while, and that would be a travesty. Although, with IVU's enormous selection of homemade pasta recipes from around the world, I just might give it a go. We can choose from Vegan Pesto to Black Bean & Key Lime Bow Ties to Sun-Dried Tomato, Garlic and Jalapeno Pasta. For

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Amazing Spoons.

by Chris Gardner

It's bizarre... All wooden spoons are essentially the same, right? A dish with a stick.

nic webb

But then, think of all the variables. Wood species, curves of angles, proportions, sizes. Artist Nick Webb understands theses subtleties, and features them to create unique and beautiful pieces of functional art.

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How-To: Edible Utensils.

by Chris Gardner


This one goes into the why?-because-you-can file : Toasty pâte brisée serving utensils and ramekin. Bread bowls? Ha!

Speak French? Then tell us all what this says, cause I'm sure it sounds savory: "oilà il est à présent temps de voter pour le projet qui vous semble le plus pertinent. Attention, fin des votes le lundi 9 novembre à 12h. Un grand merci à Nathalie pour avoir joué le jeu et pour sa proposition qui donne carrément envie de lécher l’écran !"

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Meat Head.

by Chris Gardner

So, it's kinda like not being able to look away from a flaming car crash, but it'll still make you giggle.


"Hubby discovered that whipped cream cheese (whip your own with a mixer) made wonderful "glue". Smear it all over a cheap skull then cover it with thin slices of meat (ham seems to look the best). The eyes are olives stuffed into martini onions." From Flickr.

Happy Halloween, hamfaces.



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