How to Take the Mystery Out of Electricity with Amprobe

by DIY Maven

created at: 01/05/2011

Awhile back, the folks at Amprobe offered to set me up with a selection of their residential electrical testing tools. Immediately, I came down with a case of the yips as electricity scares the bejesus out of me. BUT, after taking a few calming breaths, I came to the conclusion that if the Amprobe tools could take some of the mystery out of electricity, then they might help ease my electrophobia. Plus, I know pros. I live with an engineer...

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Plug Holes Revealed

by DIY Maven



The days of hiding our plug holes is over. (That sounds slightly dirty, doesn't it?) Of course, the plug holes I'm referring to are the same plug holes that Neffa is referring to, which are electrical outlets. (Sorry to disappoint some of you.) The idea behind Neffa's I WANT contact wall sockets is to make the utilitarian connections so pretty you won't want to hide them. 

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How To Create Wall Art With Electrical Tape

by Lilybee

Electrical tape. My dad firmly believes that electrical tape can be used to fix anything, from lamps to broken hearts. I've used it here to give my balcony wall a temporary Mondrian kick.

created on: 06/21/08

To do this you'll need:

  • A roll or two of electrical tape
  • a spirit level
  • a few coloured acetate sheets
  • a craft knife.

First give the wall a quick swipe with sugar soap or something, as stickiness and dirt...

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