Banana Pancakes

by Re Made It

created at: 03/31/2012

Sundays are about indulgence right? In my head I wanted pancakes, but I also had some over ripe bananas sitting in the fruit bowl I needed to eat. Well why not have both? So here's my perfect banana pancakes with hot toffee sauce. Epic stuff.

If you fancy like the ultimate Sunday treat yourself and want the the full recipe, take a look at out blog - ReMadeIt 

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Make: Homemade Bacon Jam!

by Kelly B

A little sweet, a little tangy, a lot bacon-y. With the bacon trend showing no signs of going away – or even slowing down – it was only a matter of time before the treat made its way even deeper into the foodie realm. This time in a gourmet "jam" that you can make in your own kitchen. If you're thinking this is just going to be a greasy, fatty mess... STOP , because we promise you will be oh so pleasantly surprised.

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