Alternative Gift Wrap: Thrift-Store Sewing Patterns.

by Chris Gardner

Rikkianne from Chakra Pennywhistle has a fine idea, indeed: wrap your handmade gifts in a paper a bit more suitable to their contents - thrifted sewing patterns.

Don't worry - these aren't the vintage patterns featuring classic designs from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s... if your thrift store features those, you, my friend, are in luck and should buy them all up quickly.

Nope. In 2010, most shelves are graced with McCalls from the late 70s through...

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8 Alternative Uses for Plastic Wrap.

by Chris Gardner


Plastic wrap, cellophane, Saran Wrap, cling wrap... whatever you call it, this just-a-bit-too-sticky surface does what it does - sealing food in containers to keep it fresh - and does it well. Turns out, there's at least eight other things it can do, as well, and they've been compiled thusly by Diane Rixon at DIYLife.

  • Salvage corked wine
  • Preserve paint and spackles
  • Pack silverware
  • Get a non-slip grip
  • Banish frizzies
  • Keep ice cream fresh
  • Seal...

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Make a spa towel head wrap.

by DIY Maven

After a long hard day of diy-ing, who doesn't like to take a long hot shower and wash the paint flecks and garden soil out of their hair? To make your sudsy experience spa-rific, you might want to bang out one of these diy spa head towel wraps. It's a great way of reusing an old flimsy towel too!

To make one, you'll need:

  • an old towel (or a new one if you want to make a wrap as a gift)
  • a bit of elastic
  • a button
  • tape measure, thread...

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