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How To: Transfer Images to Wood and Make a Tropical Palm Tray

by Stephanie Lee

How To: Transfer Images to Wood and Make a  Tropical Palm Tray

There's so many brilliant DIY techniques in this world that I probably shouldn't be surprised when one comes along that I haven't yet attempted. 

And yet here I am, gobsmacked that I hadn't thought to try transferring images to wood before. This super easy and very versatile technique is one of the best ways I've seen to get patterns onto timber, and you needn't draw the line at shapes - you can also transfer photos or text so there's lots of room to experiment and have fun!

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Roundup: 8 Trendy Fall Pieces For The Home

by Lidy Dipert


Roundup: 8 Trendy Fall Pieces For The Home

Fall is upon us and what better way to get ready for the season than to add these 8 must-have pieces for fall! It's that time of year where we want our homes to begin feeling more cozy and intimate while remaining modern and current. Try introducing some (or all) of these pieces into your home this season for that perfect autumn touch! 

1. Natural Wood Textures

Bring the great outdoors inside your...

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Roundup: 20 DIY Projects Using Reclaimed Materials

by DIY Maven

20 DIY projects using reclaimed materials feature image

Is there anything more rewarding in the DIY world than using reclaimed materials to make something? Seriously. A dejected object on a layover to a landfill is spotted by a keen eye. The object is swooped up and turned into something marvelous, getting a second chance on life and love. (We should all be so lucky.) The reclaimed materials featured in these 20 projects were the main characters of such fairytales. They now act as...

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