Roundup: 10 Colorful DIY Summer Wreaths

By: Faith-towers Jul 04, 2013

I'll admit it, the wreath on my front door is leftover from last winter. So I decided that it was high time to make a colorful new summer one to freshen up the entryway. Here are ten pretty ideas that I'm using as my… Continue Reading

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How To: Make a Modern-Industrial DIY Mounted Shelving Unit

By: Capreek Jul 03, 2013

I spotted this super rad DIY shelving system on our brother site ManMade recently and had to share! It was simply too cool not… Continue Reading

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Make It: DIY Birdhouse Lamp

By: Matt allison Jul 03, 2013

DIY Birdhouse Lamp

I've been looking for fun, yet functional night light for our toddlers room and stumbled across this DIY low wattage birdhouse lamp. Add a bit of quirk to any room, or group them together to create a feature wall. Get the full instructions… Continue Reading

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Make It: DIY Summer Tree Swing

By: Brittni mehlhoff Jul 02, 2013

This DIY tree swing is perfect for summer and all you will need are the above materials to make your own. So, who is ready to start… Continue Reading

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Make It: DIY Leather and Wood Suspended Shelf

By: Capreek Jul 01, 2013

Whether you're looking for a way to use up some leftover leather from this project (or this one), or you just want to add a simple, modern shelf to a room, this DIY is for… Continue Reading

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Roundup: 20 Festive Fourth of July DIY Ideas

By: Faith-towers Jul 01, 2013

Independence Day is fast approaching, but there's still time to make some fun fourth of July inspired crafts. Whether you're hosting a big bash or just celebrating at home with family and friends, adding some red, white and blue will surely lend a festive feel to your day!… Continue Reading

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Before and After: A Mid-Century Yard Sale Find gets a Makeover

By: Brittni mehlhoff Jun 28, 2013

This mid-century dining set had a lot of cosmetic issues, but good bones. And priced at just $40 at a yard sale, it was worth trying to bring it back to it's former glory. It's amazing what some sanding and a whole lot of elbow grease can get… Continue Reading

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How to: Make DIY Colorful 3D Geometric Wall Art

By: Brittni mehlhoff Jun 25, 2013

Inspired by an Anthropolgie installation I saw a few months ago, I created a three-dimensional piece of wall art that is easy to install and relatively inexpensive to make (the final budget came in under $50). Aside from wall art, this project also doubles as a photo booth prop, and if you have the time, it would make an awesome photo booth backdrop too. Want to learn how to make your own? Get the full tutorial and see the finished piece after… Continue Reading

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Make It: A Colorful DIY Screwdriver Coat Rack

By: Capreek Jun 24, 2013

Stay organized and show off your DIY sensibilities in style with this super easy coat rack… Continue Reading

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Before and After: A Rustic Fireplace Makeover

By: Capreek Jun 24, 2013

Admittedly, this fireplace looks fine as-is. But the homeowners wanted to take it from fine to utterly fantastic, making it the stand-out focal point of the room (and not just a place to hang the TV). Check out the makeover… Continue Reading

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Rustic Bench Gets Modern Moroccan-Inspired Makeover

By: Diy maven Jun 21, 2013

(HEY! We're giving away a $200 Home Depot gift card at the bottom of this post! Read on to find out how to win!)

My dad was a jack of all trades as far as DIY was concerned. Plumbing, heating, engine repair. He did just about everything. The one thing he rarely did was make furniture. Only two such projects come to mind: a coffee table that was long gone by the time I came around, and there is the bench you see above. Dad's bench, as we refer to it, was never meant to be a 'beauty' piece, but rather a workbench of sorts for my mother. 

painter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tape

It went on the auction block when they downsized about 6 years ago. As I stood watching the auctioneer offer up the bench, I decided I couldn't part with it and entered into a heated bidding war with a total stranger. I paid five bucks for it.

For being 60+ years old, it's in pretty good shape, and, thanks to box nails, it's still super sturdy. All it needed was some… Continue Reading

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Indoor / Outdoor Kids Swing DIY

By: Brittni mehlhoff Jun 21, 2013

As you may know, this month is kids (and pets) month here on Curbly. So, today I have a fun project that will make things a little easier for all you parents out there. Make a cool indoor / outdoor baby swing from scratch to entertain little ones hands… Continue Reading

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Before and After: A Boring Cabinet Becomes A Beautiful Dog House

By: Lexy.b.ward Jun 20, 2013

You can't always find the perfect dog house at the pet store. If you're like me, you wander the aisles looking for something clean and beautiful. Are you going to find something like that at the store? Not likely. That's when it's time to make one yourself. This cabinet got a makeover and became a sweet home for a sweet pup. You won't believe how beautiful the finished product is!  … Continue Reading

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Roundup: 6 Very Cool and DIYable Cat Trees

By: Diy maven Jun 20, 2013

Kitties love to climb, so what better way to treat your feline fur-children than to make them a kitty tree? These six ideas range from easy to more advanced on the DIY scale, but all are sensational in their own way. 

Love this creation from Meow Cat. The instructions are slim, but it seems easy enough to make for the a woodworker with the right tools. The circles and cat-head shapes give it personality, don't you think?

Continue Reading
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Make It: Upcycled Wood Floating Shelves

By: Matt allison Jun 19, 2013

Upcycled Floating Shelves

I love these super simple, modern floating shelves from Happinest. They're a great way of using up scraps and offcuts and by mixing and matching the grains and stains you can create unique and organic sculptural… Continue Reading

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