Make It: Minimal Wood Desk Organizer

Stephanie Lee

minimal wood desk organiser

On any given day, if you visit our house you'll find envelopes and papers strewn all over the place because we're not yet ready to file them away. Okay, I'll admit, sometimes we're just being lazy, but for the most part they serve as a reminder to action something important like paying a bill or scheduling in an appointment. 

Regardless, while the intention is well-meaning, the resulting mess is... well, messy! So I decided to put a stop to the chaos and make us a place where we can put all the letters until we're ready to file them. Follow along for the simple how-to!

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IKEA Hack: Mostorp TV Unit goes Mid-Century Modern

Diy Maven



Mostorp Before
Photo: IKEA

Kortiny wanted a mid-century modern credenza for her new house, but the cost of such was not in the cards. So, like any good DIYer, she set out to make her own with the help of an IKEA Mostorp TV Unit. Haven't heard of the Mostorp? That's because it's a new product, which just happened to be perfect for Kortiny's hack. Although it had the right overall vibe, its legs were

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How To: Build a Restoration Hardware Inspired Rolling Console Table

Diy Maven
Restoration Hardware Inspiration
Photo: Restoration Hardware

Jen fell in love the moment she first saw Restoration Hardware's wood and steel console, which is pictured above. Employing simple metal connectors used in the construction trade, Jen was able to recreate the console at a fraction of the cost. (I'm guessing here, because Jen doesn't actually mention how much the project cost, but the RH inspiration clocks in at between $1195 and

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Modernize Your Boring Desk with this DIY Giant Wood Block Calendar

Brittni Mehlhoff

Photo: Brittni Mehlhoff

In an effort to get organized early in the new year, I've been making myself little desk accessories to get excited about computer work. And I'm happy to say, it's actually working. So, I thought I would share one of the projects that I recently made, for a jumbo wood block perpetual calendar. The larger size makes this calendar a statment piece and adds a fun playfulness to the typically bland work...

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