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How To: Transfer Images to Wood and Make a Tropical Palm Tray


How To: Transfer Images to Wood and Make a  Tropical Palm Tray

There's so many brilliant DIY techniques in this world that I probably shouldn't be surprised when one comes along that I haven't yet attempted. 

And yet here I am, gobsmacked that I hadn't thought to try transferring images to wood before. This super easy and very versatile technique is one of the best ways I've seen to get patterns onto timber, and you needn't draw the line at shapes - you can also transfer photos or text so there's lots of room to experiment and have fun!

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How-To: A Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

by Faith Towers

Before and After: A Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

The front wall of our living room needed something. It was just begging for an accent wall, but we weren't sure what sort of material. Until we found Timberchic, a company that creates reclaimed wood specifically to be placed on the wall. It would lend a bit of a rustic feel to a space desperately searching for an identity, and some much-needed textural interest. Click through to find out how it turned out - and to learn how to do it yourself.   

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How To: Make Your Own Fairy Garden Fairies

by DIY Maven
DIY Fairy Garden Fairies Supplies
Photo: Crafts Unleashed

Does this sound familiar? You're at your favorite garden center and the fairy garden supplies call to you. (They're miniatures thus making them irresistible.) As you're considering the sweet teeny tiny benches and birdbaths and such, you cast your gaze upon the namesakes of such gardens and you recoil. Why? Because--DANG--those fairies can look creepy!! Like horror movie

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Make It: Minimal Wood Spice Rack

by Stephanie Lee

Minimal Wood Spice Rack

When I first started exploring the world of DIY, I decorated some spice jars in the hopes of introducing just a small amount of order into my otherwise unlabelled, disorganised and chaotic kitchen.

Fast forward two years later and the spice jars have stood the test of time, but sadly I can't say the same about my good intentions to re-organise my kitchen. All the other items in my pantry remain unlabelled and my spice jars lie strewn all over the kitchen counter along with the other condiments that vye for precious bench space - eek!

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