8 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces That Will Make You Never Want to Go Inside

by Lidy Dipert

Round-Up: 8 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces

Each year, we see the piles of endless outdoor decor stock up in our favorite shops. It can be very overwhelming when these pieces are simply set on shelves showing no personality or potential. A great way to get started is doing a little research before you go in the hunt and decide what style and look you might be wanting to achieve for your outdoor living space this year. Here are 8 modern outdoor living spaces that will surely...

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How To: Make a Quick and Easy Modern Cake Stand

by DIY Maven
DIY modern cake stand
Photo: The Merrythought

Using just a few materials and a very cool pencil holder--YES, a pencil holder--we too can make a cool cake stand. Granted, it's not your usual pencil holder, which might make you think it comes from some high-end retailer. It doesn't! It comes from Target for only $7.99. 

DIY modern plant stand in process
Photo: The Merrythought

Other stuff we'll need to make one include a round piece of wood...

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