Before & After: Traditional Family Room Gets Dramatic Makeover

by DIY Maven


Family Room Before
Photo: Robeson Design

Designer Rebecca Robeson was up against some tricky constraints when designing her client's family room in their Spanish/Mediterranean-style Carlsbad, CA home. Those restraints came in the form of non-negotiables and included an existing red, white, and blue Persian rug, two nautical-themed art pieces, and the family dog Vesper's favorite well-loved leather chair. Oh, yeah, and the client...

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Make It: DIY Woven Wall Hanging Hack

by Lexy Ward
DIY woven wall hanging hack
Photo: Bre Purposed

I love the look of woven wall hangings. They're on trend, but there are a million and one looks, so they're all different! I actually tried my hand at weaving two summers ago, but I'm ashamed to admit that the yarn is still on the loom, and my project was never complete. However, this genius hack can help you create your own woven wall hanging in an afternoon! You won't believe it! 

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Curbly Original
How To: DIY Ink Crosshatch Art

by Jennifer Farley

DIY Ink Crosshatch Art

I really love simple art and I have been looking for something I could DIY for my guest bedroom. I am drawn to the movement of ink crosshatch. Artists do some seriously cool things with crosshatch, but my experience with it is what I doodled on my paper in college when I should have been taking notes. I decided to make a simple piece of art drawing lots of lines. Here is how I did it.   

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How To: Make Embroidered Canvas Art

by DIY Maven
DIY Embroidered Canvas feature image
Photo: Persia Lou

Alexis's DIY embroidered canvas art is about the sweetest art DIY art project I've seen in ages. Not only is it a snap to make, it's fool-proof. To replicate her creation, all we need is some stretched canvas, embroidery floss or craft thread, a needle, scissors, ruler and a pencil and eraser. To see how Alexis put it all together, please visit Persia Lou. 

DIY Embroidered Canvas close up
Photo: Persia Lou

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