How to Make Backlit Canvas Art

by DIY Maven

created at: 05/31/2012

When Michele saw artist  Valérie Boy's Féérie Florale, she was struck with inspiration. She wanted to attempt to make a knock off of sorts. The fact that the original is powder-coated metal and stands six feet tall, that didn't dissuade Michele. She jumped right in and adapted to suit the materials available to her and her expertise. Here's what

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Curbly Original
Curbly's Wall Art Shopping Guide: 20 Design-y Prints for Film and TV Buffs

by Capree K

created at: 05/29/2012

As a lover of film and TV, this might be my favorite wall art shopping guide so far! It was also really, really, really hard to narrow it down to a mere 20 prints. My suggestion?? Hit up your favorite online marketplace (Etsy, Society6, Cargoh, Supermarket, etc.) and do a search for the shows you love the most. It'll blow your mind. Meanwhile, here are my picks for awesome movie- and TV-inspired prints!   

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CanvasPop $2,500 Canvas Art Giveaway!

by Bruno Bornsztein

CanvasPop $2,500 Canvas Art Giveaway

It was a warm Sunday morning in March, and Alicia, Ayla and I were sitting on the front steps enjoying the unseasonable sunshine and blowing bubbles. Watching your three-year-old squeal with glee as she chases luminescent soap spheres is about as good as it gets, and those moments get burned in your memory pretty easily.

But just then Alicia grabbed her iPhone and snapped a picture that I think will be iconic of Ayla's childhood. As...

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