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How to: Choosing Wall Art with Meaning

by Alicia Lacy

Finding Art with meaning on

Last month I explored ways to add color and pattern to the Curbly House (check here if you missed it). But sometimes color and pattern aren't enough; art should also have meaning. You want to look at your walls and see a story in every picture. So today, I'm going to show you some tricks I've used to help inspire my search for art that's beautiful and personally significant. Read on to see what I mean (get it?)

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12 Ways I'm Adding Color and Pattern to Our Home with Art

by Alicia Lacy

My gallery wall ideas from

What's in a wall? If you've been following our Curbly House series, you know what was in our walls; squirrel nests, dead things, and lots of hundred-year-old newspaper. But what makes a wall more than just a bunch of lumber and drywall?

This week, I'm exploring ways to breathe life into our walls by adding hand-picked artwork. With the help of, we've got an amazing, expansive collection of artwork available. Read on to see how I'm plotting to decorate the walls at chez Curbly House (hint: no squirrels allowed).
Ok, before I start, you should check out this quick video from; it's a pretty sweet 3-dimensionalization (word? non-word?) of some famous pieces of art, and it's worth a watch:

Now, if you look at our 'before' pictures, it's easy to see that the house had a heaviness about it; many of the walls were painted darker accent colors, and the woodwork was all stained a dark brown. See what I mean?

We've decided to go with a neutral color palette inside the Curbly House to help brighten up the place. Now that everything is sheetrocked and mudded, the house looks a lot brighter and feels a lot happier (even while standing in the inch thick plaster dust that covers most of the floors).

Bringing color and light into this house was a priority to us from the get-go. However, both Bruno and I want to be sure not to overdo the "brightness" and make the place feel clinical. So, we're experimenting with paint colors and planning to add a lot of pattern and color to the walls through art!

I've been gleefully paging through several art collections on, like an overjoyed visitor at the Louvre. I spent most of my time perusing the Abstract, Vintage, Modern, and Botanical galleries.

Here are some of the ideas I'm tossing around for the stairwell gallery wall, the master bedroom centerpieces, and the sweet prints I want to frame in our kids' playroom.  

Stairwell Gallery

1. Taupe III by Denise Duplock
2. Terracotta Spots by Denise Duplock
3. Travel Abroad III by Jarman Fagalde
4. Vintage Map of Paris by Ladyleia
5. Tour by Bicycle II by Chariklia Zarris
6. Diversion I Limited Edition by Chariklia Zarris

Master Bedroom

My inspiration for the master bedroom

7. Duo Stem by James Burghardt
8. Pomponette (sky) by Denise Duplock
9. Dancing Flowers III Mary Calkins

Play Room ideas for the kids' playroom

10. Green Zebra by Avalisa
11. Heart Balloon Girl by Unknown
12. Newspaper Kids by Peter Gebhardt

For a look at more of the pieces I'm smitten with, take a look at my Pinterest board (hey, you can even follow me while you're there!).


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