DIY Photo Reflector.

By: Chrisjob Oct 19, 2009

At the rate folks are cranking out DIY photostudio equipment (here, here, here, and here), it's entirely possible to create a fully functioning and incredibly lit studio shopping only at home improvement and craft store.

So, add this one to the list. A DIY collapsable photo reflector that looks identical to those sold commercially. Whether its reflectivity is as awesome isn't clear, but I can't imagine that shininess is for naught.

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Put a Cork in It: 25 Creative Works of Cork Art and Design.

By: Chrisjob Oct 19, 2009

Pop Quiz! From where do corks come?


Why, from the Cork Oak, of course. The Quercus suber is a native to southern Europe and northern Africa, and considered an environmently friendly industry as the bark is stripped off every nine-ten seasons for 175… Continue Reading

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Glowing Light Boxes From Used Wine Crates.

By: Chrisjob Oct 18, 2009

Recycled? Check. Glowing? Check. DIYable? CHECK.

Australian artist Tracy Johnson has created these glowing sculptures from stacks of reused wine crates. And you can too.. so head to salvage shop, grab a jigsaw and a flood light, and recreate!

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Polaroid is Back in Business.

By: Chrisjob Oct 18, 2009

Dateline February 2008: Polaroid announces they're getting out of the Polaroid business.

Dateline October 2009: No, they're not.

"After all the difficulties and changes of ownership during the last years, the new management of Polaroid now understands the source of the brand's attraction - which is surprisingly not based in digital cameras but in Dr. Edwin Land's groundbreaking 1948 invention of Instant Photography, which he… Continue Reading

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Styrofoam Cup Art.

By: Chrisjob Oct 15, 2009

death coil by Boy Obsolete.

Whenever you have the unfortunate occassion to be at an event that still serves hot beverages in styrofoam cups, you either 1) say "no thank you, it's 2009, and I won't use polystyrene any more, where's the drinking fountain"; or 2) suck it up, feel bad for compromising, enjoy your cocoa, then proceed to impress teeth marks around the top rim, and, if you're really bored, around the bottom… Continue Reading

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Food Flags.

By: Chrisjob Oct 12, 2009

These food flags, created by WHYBIN for the Sydney International Food Festival are not only made completely from edibles, but from produce and cooked dishes that hail from the countries whose likeliness is ablazed.

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How to decorate with pressed leaves.

By: Diy maven Oct 12, 2009

In certain parts of the world, the earth is being blanketed by fallen leaves. Leaves so beautiful, they deserve framing. Country Living gives us some ideas on how this might look. If you'd like to create some art using leaves as a medium, here are a few things that will make your project a… Continue Reading

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Dishtowels To Dry For.

By: Chrisjob Oct 11, 2009


There's nothing better than a designer dishtowel to make the dull ache of washing dishes go away. Enter To Dry For: A website devoted entirely to the art of, well, the tea towel.

And I thought Etsy was a problem...

Via and photo.

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Paint a Floor Canvas.

By: Chrisjob Oct 11, 2009

Paint a floor canvas

Oh my goodness, rugs are such a pain to purchase. They're either 1) crazy tacky, or 2) crazy expensive.

So, make your own. Begin with a preprimed canvas, and get creative. The result is a surprisingly durable floor covering that can be as graphic or demure as you design it.

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Scribbler on the Wall::Charlotte Mann.

By: Chrisjob Oct 10, 2009

Sometimes, you simply can't have what you want. That one-of-a-kind painting, or that original handbuilt Shaker side table, a whole room of attractive party-goers?

So, take a cue from Charlotte Mann, and doodle your own. Her complex black line drawings liven two-dimensional white walls into explosions of texture and scale.

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How-To: Spraypainted Wall Art.

By: Chrisjob Oct 06, 2009 offers a great DIY project featuring some of their less Crayolaish colors. A bit of tape, some actual leafs to stencil, and the result? A very fine natural modern print with a bit of glam.


  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint - Gloss White 
  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint - Semi-Gloss Black 
  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint - Ivy Leaf 
  • Krylon Brushed Metallic - Satin Nickel
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Make Your Own Pixelated Portrait from Paint Chips.

By: Chrisjob Oct 04, 2009

Earlier this month, Apartment Therapy Chicago featured a home with a pixelated portrait of Lincoln, which the owners created "by pixelating a photo and boiling it down to 9 shades of gray (both done in Photoshop). [Then they] built the canvas, gridded it off in 2 inch squares, and mixed the different shades of paint. At that point it basically became a paint by number."


Then, some clever AT reader took the approach, and recreated the aestheticContinue Reading

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New Posters from Keep Calm Gallery

By: Diy maven Oct 01, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On. Could there be a more appropriate motivational message for our current economic climate? The people that brought that sentiment back to life have new messages to share. Here are some of my… Continue Reading

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Vintage Card Table Turned Wall Art

By: Diy maven Sep 30, 2009

For the last 2-1/2 years I dreamed of artwork for my foyer with a 17 high ceiling.  No extra funds puts a slight damper on those dreams.   

Filed in the 'how clever is this?!' folder is Candy's use of an old card table as wall art. She noticed a stack of them at the side of the road. When she spotted the black and white table in the pile, she knew where it was going and what she was going to do with it. Home and on the… Continue Reading

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Making Burnt Brown Bag Sculpture

By: Diy maven Sep 23, 2009


Never in a million years would have I considered taking a match to a paper bag slathered in tacky glue to see what kind of effect would occur. But then again, I'm not in the habit of testing glue for flammability, which is exactly how this technique was discovered back in the 60's. It's a very cool way to get a metal sculpture look without the metal. To give it a shot, you'll need to gather up the… Continue Reading

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