Get The Look For Less: Rustic Natural

by Faith Towers
Get The Look For Less: Rustic Natural
Photo: Magnolia Market

Rustic home décor has become popular lately, and not just in cabins or mountain homes. Natural elements like wood, glass, iron and wool fill these spaces, and with a bit of strategic decorating they can be totally chic and stylish. And while they can have the tendency to be pricey, we've culled through the internet to find some affordable options. Keep reading to check them out.   

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Before & After: Traditional Family Room Gets Dramatic Makeover

by DIY Maven


Family Room Before
Photo: Robeson Design

Designer Rebecca Robeson was up against some tricky constraints when designing her client's family room in their Spanish/Mediterranean-style Carlsbad, CA home. Those restraints came in the form of non-negotiables and included an existing red, white, and blue Persian rug, two nautical-themed art pieces, and the family dog Vesper's favorite well-loved leather chair. Oh, yeah, and the client...

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Make It: DIY Woven Wall Hanging Hack

by Lexy Ward
DIY woven wall hanging hack
Photo: Bre Purposed

I love the look of woven wall hangings. They're on trend, but there are a million and one looks, so they're all different! I actually tried my hand at weaving two summers ago, but I'm ashamed to admit that the yarn is still on the loom, and my project was never complete. However, this genius hack can help you create your own woven wall hanging in an afternoon! You won't believe it! 

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