Before & After: A Magical Caravan Makeover!

By: Capreek Jul 04, 2011


created at: 06/30/2011

Whether you call it a caravan or a camper, there's no denying that this makeover is… Continue Reading

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Bike Inner Tube Magazine Rack

By: Diy maven Jul 04, 2011

Recycle Art points us to this fabulous bicycle tire magazine rack via papaia meccanica. No word on how to DIY it, but that frame looks suspiciously… Continue Reading

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Meet Constance: The Vintage Caravan

By: Diy maven Jun 14, 2011

9735274 EIvQxNTz c Vintage Campers: Would You Live In One?

Meet Constance, a 1957 Sprite 14 foot caravan (aka camper to us stateside). Her caretakers have furnisher her in 50's style that is not only kitschy and cute, it's also joyful. Just take a look… Continue Reading

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The MadMen Effect: The TV Show's Mid-Century Impact on Home Decor

By: Chrisjob May 16, 2011

As AMC's Mad Men emerged as one of television's most beloved and well-recieved dramas, its stylish, 1960s aesthetic crept into our lives in other ways: women's dresses moved towards the high-waisted, eyeglasses became fuller and more austere, and many developed a new interest in the classic cocktails and high-balls from the two-martini lunch era.

And of course, the wonderful set dressing and styling has had quite the impact onto trends in home… Continue Reading

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A Side Table's Colorful Makeover

By: Diy maven Apr 18, 2011

Whose parents, grandparents or auntie didn't have one of these two-tiered end tables back in the 60's or 70's? Although the shape is super-dated, there's something about them that appeals to me. The 'nook' for books? The top… Continue Reading

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Is 'Keep Calm' so over?

By: Diy maven Jan 31, 2011

Keep Calm (Red) Premium Giclee Print

Several weeks ago I came across a random post on some interior design website that shall remain nameless that featured an image of a perfectly acceptable decor which contained a 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster. In amongst the comments to the post, there were quite a few that deemed the vintage propaganda image, and I quote, 'So over.' For several reasons, I find… Continue Reading

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Blinged: Dress Up Your Fridge!

By: Capreek Jan 18, 2011

created at: 01/17/2011

Megan, whose thriftastic office we featured last week, has created some of the most clever - and prettiest - magnets you've ever… Continue Reading

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Home Office: Thriftastic and Modern

By: Capreek Jan 11, 2011

created at: 01/11/2011

What?  "Thriftastic" is totally a word.  And really, it's the best word to describe this cheerful, all-in-one home office/crafting… Continue Reading

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Inspiration: Clean and Simple Scandinavian Modern Office

By: Capreek Jan 05, 2011

created at: 01/04/2011

This may be one of my favorite workspaces to date.  It's clean and modern with a Scandinavian vibe - or in other words it's absolutely… Continue Reading

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Framed Vintage Board Games?

By: Diy maven Jan 04, 2011

First, these classic board games aren't actually real. They're super realistic paintings by Tim Liddy.

Priced at $3,000 to $11,000, they might be out of the budget for some/most of us, but… Continue Reading

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Make a Lamp from a Pile of Wooden Spindles

By: Modhomeecteacher Dec 27, 2010

created at: 12/27/2010

Jim Healy loves making lamps from junk. They're not your everyday junky lamps, mind you. To prove it, check out the spindle lamp he put together from this bundle of wooden… Continue Reading

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Turn a Pine Dresser Into a Silver Leaf Bedside Table

By: Modhomeecteacher Dec 07, 2010

You know how it goes. Family's coming in town for the holidays, you've thrown your junk into the sparsely furnished spare bedroom and now you're scurrying to spruce up the joint. One thing you'll need to win over your mother-in-law is a bedside table instead of a t.v. tray. Grab an old junker at Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a thrift store and quickly get to work. Here's what you… Continue Reading

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Turn Vintage Forks into Napkin Rings

By: Diy maven Nov 23, 2010


There are people who turn vintage tableware into clever-tacky stuff, and then there are people who turn it into something clever-lovely. These napkin rings are an example of the latter. To make them ourselves, Brooklyn Limestone says we'll need the… Continue Reading

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Craigslist Sideboard to Vanity Conversion

By: Modhomeecteacher Nov 15, 2010

This conversion deserves some applause. New England homeowners wouldn't settle for less than a 7' buffet/sideboard to convert into their master bedroom dual sink… Continue Reading

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Vintage Glass Room Divider

By: Diy maven Oct 12, 2010

Designed by Fix Studio's for Lapellah restaurant--both located in Vancouver--this room divider is made of vintage dishes that have been submerged in a bed of epoxy and then framed. Heavy?… Continue Reading

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