Make: Toilet Paper Roll Owls

By: Diy maven Jul 14, 2011

Remember the toilet paper roll sculpture from awhile back? Here's another arty idea using the same medium: Owls (and a very disinterested cat). If I'd diy 'em,Continue Reading

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DIY Idea: High-Impact, Low-Cost Wall Art!

By: Capreek Jul 13, 2011

created at: 07/12/2011

When I first spotted this image on Flickr, I fell in love with the idea immediately.  What a beautiful installation this would make in a guest room, living room, or even the master bedroom!  It's soft and whimsical, crafty and nostalgic all at the same time.  Can you guess what it's made of?   Continue Reading

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From This to That: More Clever Repurposing DIY Projects

By: Bruno Jul 13, 2011

This July, we're focusing on all things thrifty, recycle-y, and makeover-y. Last week, Chris rounded up eight cool repurposing projects, and this week, I'm bringing you six more!

First up: our tricked-out tricycle makeover:

A shabby secondhand trike gets a facelift

I bet you wouldn't believe these pretty decorative trees are made out of ...Continue Reading

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Shopping Your Backyard: Garden Bench Makeover

By: Craftmel Jul 13, 2011


created at: 07/12/2011

This eyesore of a bench had seen its day.  The outdoors had done its work on the poor thing, and it was showing it.  But one DIY-er could see the beauty within this beast and went to work, creating a new garden bench from her old, splintered one.   Continue Reading

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Make It: An Easy DIY Crisscross Ribbon Lampshade!

By: Capreek Jul 12, 2011
Images removed at the request of MidwestLiving. Sorry, everyone!

Last week, we showed you how to give a thrift store lamp base a quick and easy update but what if it's not the base that needs help?  If you have a lamp with a shade that's seen better days consider treating it to this easy no-sew makeover!   Continue Reading

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Make a Plastic Cup Lamp

By: Diy maven Jul 12, 2011

created at: 07/12/2011

After your next kegger (do kids these days still have keggers?) gather up all the plastic cups and make one of these:Continue Reading

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Repurpose: Salvaged Window to Awesome Mirror

By: Craftmel Jul 12, 2011


created at: 07/12/2011

Thrift stores and Estate sales aren't the only places for a great find: Monica brought home this boring multi-paned window from a salvage yard and transformed it using everyone's favorite space enhancers: mirrors.   Continue Reading

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MORE DIYable Tree Stump Furniture

By: Diy maven Jul 12, 2011

Last summer we had a TON of tree maintenance done. One white pine needed to be taken out completely. The trimmers dropped the tree and trimmed up the limbs, leaving the trunk for us, as we requested. We cut it up into manageable stumps and then split them. Except for one lone section. It was too pretty to split. The bark was amazing. I saved the stump because I imagined doing something with it. So far that hasn't happened. A couple of weekends ago, while taking a break from yard work, I eyed the stump again. I still love it, but the gild was off the lily. THEN a very serendipitous thing occurred: a couple of my cohorts here on The Curb posted some great ideas to get the gild back (specifically, this and this). Those tutorials got me wondering if I could find even more cool ideas for my stump. Of course that the internets! Here's what I found:Continue Reading

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Turning Plastic Bags Into Mandala Art

By: Diy maven Jul 11, 2011

created at: 07/11/2011

Artist Virginia Fleck has found a most beautiful use for discarded plastic bags: she turns them into mandalas. I'm guessing that there's some fusing going on here. The results are quite amazing, and even more soContinue Reading

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Functional Art: A Garage Sale Find Gets a Painterly Makeover!

By: Capreek Jul 11, 2011

created at: 07/11/2011

We've all seen them; they're at every yard sale and garage sale across the globe: plain, boring, or otherwise uninteresting pieces of furniture.  But if there's one thing to be learned from our many Makeover Monday posts, it's this: think twice before you pass them up!  With a little creativity and skill, the potential to transform those forgotten pieces is virtually limitless!   Continue Reading

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Top Five DIY Best Buys: Essential Creative Tools for Under $20

By: Chrisjob Jul 11, 2011

created at: 07/08/2011

I'm not gonna lie: I have a lot of tools. If you walk into my basement, you'll see a fully-equipped studio/shop that allows me to come up with original how-tos and teach folks to make unique things for their homes. But, scads of power tools, craft supplies, or fancy software are a luxury, not a necessity.

If I could only have five tools in my arsenal, I wouldn't choose a single power tool. Okay, well, maybe my table saw, but only because it's so versatile, and really fun to use. But there are inexpensive hand tools that work just as well.

With that in mind, here's Curbly's top five DIY best buys: five things we think every passionate homeowner should have. Not an essential home maintenance kit, but five things that'll help you create your own original pieces of furniture, home decor, and art. All under $20 USD.  Continue Reading

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Give a Thrift Store Lamp a DIY Decorative Spirally Update

By: Kellyb Jul 08, 2011
Images removed at the request of Better Homes and Gardens. Sorry, everyone!

It's no secret that we all have pieces in our homes that we once loved and now are just tired of looking at. Maybe they're tucked away in a closet because we feel guilty about tossing them just yet, or they're still out because you've yet to buy a replacement piece, or maybe they're in the Goodwill pile in your guest room (Guilty.). But sometimes all it takes is a glimmer of potential to renew your love of something. Like, oh, say maybe a plain ceramic lamp.Continue Reading

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Thrifty Ideas for Stunning DIY Decor!

By: Capreek Jul 07, 2011

created at: 07/07/2011

What do broken doorknobs, salvaged pavement chunks, and pieces of unused sewer pipe all have in common?  Some serious - and surprising - DIY decor potential!  

Continue Reading

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Book Turned Lamp

By: Diy maven Jul 07, 2011

Hardback Book Lamp - Reading Light

Etsy seller, typewriterboneyard, turns hardback books into table lamps. The bulbs used are 'Radio' reproduction bulbs (like this one). The maker notes that that bottom of the books are intact, which means you could stack Continue Reading

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How to: Make Modern Lamp Globe Birdfeeders

By: Kellyb Jul 07, 2011

created at: 07/07/2011

Two things I look for in an outdoor project: inexpensive and with a modern look. This bird feeder constructed out of reclaimed lamp globes fits the bill on both counts, and manages to defy gravity all at the same time – want to know the secret to making your own?


Continue Reading

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