266 Woodworking Tips

By: Diy maven May 22, 2009

Have you found yourself in a woodworking conundrum? If so, Woodsmith has you covered. From Staining end grain to drilling holes in dowels plus 264 other helpful tips. Visit this page for the ENTIRE index.


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Housecleaning Tips From a Pro

By: Diy maven May 07, 2009

The French Maid Barbie Doll - photo

Straight from the pros, these cleaning tips will make house-cleaning day less of a chore.

  1. Make a house cleaning check list.
  2. Evaluate the space and i.d. trouble spots; plan accordingly by buy the right supplies for the job.
  3. Get help. If you don't live alone, other people are adding to the mess; the least they can do is help clean it up!
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How to Clean Everything You Own

By: Diy maven Apr 30, 2009

From our paper shredders (I'm supposed to clean that??) to books to fake plants and just about everything in between, howtocleanstuff.net tells you all you need to know to clean everything you own. HOWEVER, if you can't find it in this catch-all Things You Own list, check out the site's other catagories, which include:Continue Reading

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17 Cool Magnetic Tricks.

By: Chrisjob Apr 29, 2009

Home use and DIY projects, geek crafts, handmade toys...there's nothing wrong with keeping a few neodymiums in your tool box. The clever team at Evil Mad Scientist have assembled seventeen helpful uses, with original photographs!Magnet tricks

Some highlights:

  • Extract batteries from stubborn holders
  • Find studs in your walls
  • Make a homopolar motor
  • Make LED Throwies
  • Demonstrate magnetohydrodynamic propulsion
  • Make a simple compass
  • Experiment with self assembly
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17 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

By: Diy maven Apr 27, 2009

From reheating pizza to re-opening a sealed envelope, here are 17 tips that might just might make our lives a little easier.

  1. Reheat pizza in a non-stick skillet
  2. Use a zippy bag to make deviled eggs
  3. Expand your store-bought frosting with your electric mixerContinue Reading
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50 Nifty Tips for Big DIY Savings

By: Modhomeecteacher Mar 23, 2009

created at: 2009-03-23

Where else would you expect to find valuable tips to save dollars at home, and from your home, than from the folks at This Old House?  Fifty itemized DIY tips to save up to $50, $150, $250, and even up to $500 are all listed with your cost, your savings, and your bonus for the change.  Continue Reading

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100 Things to Do with a Meyer Lemon.

By: Chrisjob Feb 21, 2009

Meyer lemons

Meyer lemons, a hybrid of a lemon and a mandarin orange, are in season throughout the winter and the early spring. From Julie O'Hara at NPR: "the Meyer lemon has smooth golden skin the color of a fresh egg yolk. It also has a thin edible rind, a high volume of juice and none of the tartness of a regular lemon — yet its potential in the kitchen went unnoticed. Today, the Meyer lemon is a darling of farmers markets andContinue Reading

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How to Declutter an Entire Room in a Single Sweep.

By: Chrisjob Feb 14, 2009

According to Zen Habits, the trick to successfully decluttering a room is finding a large area to serve as a working and organizing space. Then, you can:

"2. Start on one side of the room and work to the other.

3. Do one drawer or shelf or spot on the floor at a time.

4. Pull everything out of the drawer or shelf (or section of floor or what have you), and pile it in the working space. Clean out the drawer or shelf."

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Curbly Video Quick Tip: Easily Keep Wine and Stocks on Hand For Finishing Recipes.

By: Chrisjob Feb 09, 2009

A splash of wine, or deglazing with a broth or stock, can take an average home dish to saucy deliciousness. But, it's impractical to open a new bottle or carton just for a few tablespoons. So watch this video for a fresh idea.

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How To Have a Frugal & Happy Valentine's Day.

By: Chrisjob Feb 06, 2009

February 14th can actually be fun, non-commercial, and quite inexpensive...if you plan ahead. And since it's on a

Valentine's Day Candy

Saturday this year, there's no excuse no to embrace these very fine ideas from Dumb Little Man to show your sweetie you care.

  • Make dinner at home.

  • Have an inside picnic.

  • Go out during “happy hour” when food and drinks are less expensive.

  • Plan a progressive dinner with three other couples.
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5 Simple Steps to Clearing the Clutter (Painlessly).

By: Chrisjob Jan 23, 2009

These collections of quick-cleaning and decluttering never get old...because the clutter never seems to go away. These five from DumbLittleMan are a mighty fine five, particularly with the habit-creating, and not just the collecting and tossing approach.

1. Schedule Some Time
2. Concentrate On One Place
3. Tackle Something Each Day
4. Keep Up Your Enthusiasm
5. Don't Undo Your Good Work

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10 Tips for Decorating on a Budget.

By: Chrisjob Jan 06, 2009

Make it beautiful, and make it cheap. Holly Becker has collected ten tips from her own experience of decorating a small one bedroom in Germany. Go and do likewise.

1. Take IKEA seriously.

2. Yard sales!

3. Bargain at flea markets and secondhand stores

4. Share a car.

5. Shop online at places like Craigslist, Ebay, and Amazon

6. Do it yourself.

7. Bundle your services like phone, internet, and cable.

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The Best Home Fixes Under $500.

By: Chrisjob Dec 09, 2008

Whether your selling it, or just want to make living in it a little more pleasant, your home can benefit majorly from mid-sized improvements. With many well under the $500 mark, Handy Man Home Repair has gathered a list of useful, and mostly easy, bang-for-your-buck options.

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How to clean every surface in your house.

By: Diy maven Aug 20, 2008

Real Simple says that with just one bucket of supplies you can scrub every surface in your home squeeky clean. Their 18 handy-dandy tips include:

  1. How to Clean Butcher Block
  2. How to Clean Ceramic Tile
  3. How to Clean Cork Flooring
  4. How to Clean Glass
  5. How to Clean Granite
  6. How to Clean Hardwood Cabinets
  7. How to Clean Hardwood Flooring
  8. How to Clean Limestone
  9. How to Clean Marble
  10. How to CleanContinue Reading
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10 Ways to Craft on a Budget

By: Diy maven Aug 12, 2008

Although I’m easily seduced by yarn, glue and paper punches and such, I do live by a few craft-buying money-saving rules. Daphne’s list of ten things to keep in mind when crafting on a budget pretty much sums up my approach.

  1. Consider buying kits. They give you just what you need without overbuying.
  2. Don’t buy patterns; get them free off the internet. Daphne suggests knitty.com, Sew Mama Sew, Purl Soho, Flickr (for embroideryContinue Reading
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How to Extend the Life of Fresh Cut Flowers.

By: Chrisjob Aug 08, 2008

Know that little packet of additives that come with arranged flower bouquets? Apparently, it's just a little sugar, chlorine, and some citric acid. So, create your own DIY solution that you can continue to use throughout multiple water changes. "Mix 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon bleach, and 2 tablespoons lemon or lime juice in a quart of warm water."

That's it. The bleach sounds scary to me too, but I'm imagining the chlorine keeps outContinue Reading

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Five Quick Tips for Kitchen Cleaning.

By: Chrisjob Jul 21, 2008

Don't just leave it for tomorrow...or for whomever you've suckered into washing the dishes. Just clean it up.

  1. Cracked Egg Cleanup: I
  2. Remove Oven Cleaner Residue
  3. Washing A Dishwasher or Washing Machine
  4. Refrigerator Cleaning
  5. Refrigerator Dust Bunnies
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50 Indispensable Kitchen Tips

By: Diy maven Jul 15, 2008

Fluffing up mashed potatoes with baking powder? Using baking soda to tenderize meat? Using a funnel to separate eggs?? These are just a few of the ideas included in Tipnut’s list of 50 Quick Kitchen Tips. For the entire breakdown, mosey on over to Tipnut! And, while you’re at it, you might want to check out their ‘quick tips for baking substitutes’ article as well.


Image courtesy of Tipnut.

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527 Free Crafty Links!

By: Chrisjob Jul 14, 2008

Wow. The Golden Thimble doesn't mess around with these 527 free craft projects from around cyberspace. And it seems to be updated a couple times a month to incorporate new links, and includes an email listserv notificiation for new links. Sure, the site's design could use some work, but did I mention there were 527 free project links!? Via and photo.

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31 Cheap Decorating Tips

By: Diy maven Jul 10, 2008

Domino has put together a slide-show of 31 cheap and creative decorating tips. Some are easier than others, but all are inspirational. Two ideas that really appealed to me....


Lavanya put a softboard up inside the chimney of her non-working fireplace. She then wrapped wire around toothpicks that she slipped under the softboard. From the wires, she hung glass balls into which she placed tea lights. Lovely effect!

created on: 07/10/08

SandieContinue Reading

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