Laundry LIES (and Truths)

by DIY Maven

created at: 12/07/2010

The Queen of Clean! Does she wear a cape made of dryer sheets? Does she leap laundry hampers in a single bound? I have no idea, but she does de-bunks laundry myths faster than a speeding bullet. (The busts are brought to us by Vaska, thus the shout out). So here they are, straight from the Dirt Buster's mouth:


If the clothes are really dirty use more detergent.

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Quick Tips for Easy Entertaining

by Meg Allan Cole

created at: 10/21/2010

In today's video I give you a little entertaining cheat sheet with a few ideas of key pieces and indispensable items to have on hand at home to make having people over easy and stress-free.

Having guests, friends and family over to your nest should be fun and enjoyable and doesn't need to be panic-attack-inducing. The most important thing is to be in the moment and enjoy your company, instead of fretting over how clean your house is or what you are going to serve.

More great ideas after the jump...

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Curbly Original
6 MORE Ways to Use Your Digital Camera for DIY

by DIY Maven

Last week I posted 6 ways to use your digital camera for DIY, however, if you include the GREAT TIPS in the comments section of the post, it was more like 12 ways. With such a wonderful response, I thought I'd add a few more ways I use my digi for DIY. 

1. You can get some wonderful design ideas from public spaces such as hotels, restaurants and, yes, even bars, where proprietors are used to camera flashes. (I'm often inspired by their...

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6 Ways to Use Your Digital Camera for DIY

by DIY Maven

created on: 01/07/09

Anecdote: When MWT and I first started dating, I assisted him in changing the brakes on one of his old beaters. I've forgotten which one. It could have been 'Herb', the 1964 Chevelle handed down from his grandfather, or the '76 Nova that he bought from his family's barber, or the rusty/orange GMC 10 pickup of an unknown year affectionately referred to as 'The Unit'. Whichever it was, when the tire was off and the parts were scattered across the garage floor, we realized we didn't pay close enough attention to how we dismantled the thing. We were in quite the pickle. We decided

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Meg Ryan's Design Tips

by DIY Maven

An interior design enthusiast and remodeling junkie, Meg Ryan is a Curblier at heart. (Even if she doesn't know it.) In the June 2010 issue of Elle Decor, Meg gives us a tour of her Martha Vinyard's home. Meg did use the help of decorator Marsha Russel of Satinwood Ltd, who, according to Marsha was basically a sounding board and procurer. Meg was the visionary. We can get a peek inside Meg's house on Elle Decor's website, but for the full experience, we'll have to spring for a copy of the magazine. However, Meg does share her eminently practical design tips free of charge. Here they are in a nutshell.

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Six Tips to Soften Butter on the Fly.

by Chris Gardner

Making Butter Curls Is A Quick Way To Soften Butter

Whether you need it for your toast, or its time to whip up your first batch of holiday cookies, there's all sorts of occassions in which you need to bring chill-chested butter to room temp without melting it. The microwave is out, but these six ideas from TipNut will get you spreadable in a flash.

  • Grate with a box grater
  • Heat gently in a glass bowl with warm water
  • Get a butter curler, and heat it slighty.

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8 Alternative Uses for Plastic Wrap.

by Chris Gardner


Plastic wrap, cellophane, Saran Wrap, cling wrap... whatever you call it, this just-a-bit-too-sticky surface does what it does - sealing food in containers to keep it fresh - and does it well. Turns out, there's at least eight other things it can do, as well, and they've been compiled thusly by Diane Rixon at DIYLife.

  • Salvage corked wine
  • Preserve paint and spackles
  • Pack silverware
  • Get a non-slip grip
  • Banish frizzies
  • Keep ice cream fresh
  • Seal...

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The Secret to Etsy Success

by DIY Maven



Need to make some extra cash in these hard economic times? Maybe it's time to turn your hobbies into an income source via Etsy. To make your Etsy experience a successful one, let's turn to the advice of Kellbot who actually used to work for Etsy. 

  1. Take better photos.
  2. Make something people actually want.
  3. Make something other people aren't making.
  4. Build a cohesive line.
  5. Give up on the bad ideas and move to new and better ones.
  6. Take better...

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10 Tips for Starting a Simple Garden.

by Chris Gardner

Briana Feola of Brainstorm Print & Design. is a full time artist with a huge passion for gardening. She's assembled ten great tips for Indie Fixx on getting started with your own food production garden.








8) DON’T...

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How To: Water Conservation Techniques that Make Every Drop Count.

by Chris Gardner

This June, Treehugger has been devoting a great deal of research and articles to issues of fresh water. To kick off the feature, they've collected some tremendous resources to conserve, cut back, and reuse on a daily basis. Check out a few links below, and click here for the full article.

cold water tap image

Water Basics
How to Go Green: Water

Conserve Water Outside
a few easy ways to conserve.

Cutting down water use in the garden

Conserve Water Inside
7 important...

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