Strange Christmas Traditions from Around the World

By: Diy maven Dec 19, 2008

Christmas traditions in my family are pretty straightforward....and boring when compared to what’s going on in the rest of the world! Here's a list with links, just in case you'd like to adopt one or two or more.

In Norway, they hide brooms on Christmas Eve to ward off witches looking to take them for a spin. (Read more about the tradition here.)

In some areas of Italy, they forego the Christmas tree and decorate a small woodenContinue Reading

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Top 10 Strangest Buildings in the World

By: Diy maven Dec 01, 2008

After collecting 2130 votes on, Village of Joy has proclaimed the 10 strangest buildings in all the world. Some highlights include:

The Crooked House, Sopot, Poland

(Photo credit, brocha)

La Pedrera: Barcelona, Spain

(Photo credit: joe_aesmorga)

To see all the buildings put to the vote, go to

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Strange Buildings are Strange

By: Bruno Dec 10, 2006

Here's a lovely list of some of the weirder buildings on our planet, complete with witty drug references!


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