DIY Bleached Landscape Pillow

By: Alicia Aug 20, 2014

Our little boy was born two weeks before we moved into the Curbly House, and for the last two years - with the exception of a few pictures on the wall, his bedroom has remained untouched. For the most part, this has been intentional, because we wanted to hold off creating a space for him until we knew more about him. And, frankly, we be tired, and adding another room to our makeover list was just not in our cards... until now.

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DIY Pacman & Ghost Couples Valentine's T-shirts

By: Matt allison Feb 12, 2014

DIY: Pacman + Ghost Couple Shirt with free Stencil!

With Valentine's Day only a few short days and it's time to get your inner geek on! Download this FREE template in all its 8-bit glory and use some iron on vinyl or paint your way into your partners heart.

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HoliDIY: Make An Antler & Monogram Door Mat

By: Lexy.b.ward Nov 13, 2013

Make sure your porch is holiday-ready with a new, winter-themed door mat!      

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Before and After: A Playful, Pattern-filled Kids' Room Makeover

By: Capreek Jul 01, 2013

With a little bit of re-arranging and a playful new accent wall, this kids' bedroom now puts the "fun" in functional!     Continue Reading

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Pattern Pop: A DIY Stenciled Kitchen Floor Makeover

By: Capreek Mar 25, 2013

created at: 03/23/2013

Bold patterns aren't just for walls, as this beautiful kitchen floor makeover proves!     Continue Reading

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Before and After: Moroccan Inspired Bathroom Makeover

By: Brittni mehlhoff Jan 24, 2013

created at: 01/22/2013

A generic bathroom gets a Moroccan inspired makeover with a can of paint and a little perseverance.   Continue Reading

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Make This: A DIY Typographic Chair Makeover for Font Lovers

By: Brittni mehlhoff Jan 17, 2013

created at: 01/16/2013

Before you throw away that tired set of dining room chairs, try this check out this chair makeover. I've seen plenty of reupholstery jobs, but the stencil on this one makes it one of the coolest chair redos I've seen in a while.   Continue Reading

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Make It: DIY Custom Stenciled Accent Wall

By: Brittni mehlhoff Dec 06, 2012

created at: 12/05/2012

I've seen a lot of stencil projects, but honestly, not one has really made me want to break out my paint brush and actually do it. Until now. I can't find my brushes fast enough.   Continue Reading

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Before and After: Seaworthy Dresser Makeover

By: Brittni mehlhoff Aug 16, 2012

created at: 08/14/2012
This is probably one of the nicer 'before' photos I've posted lately, but the after is really unique. Check out the this sea-inspired dresser makeover that started with a Craigslist furniture find.   Continue Reading

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Roundup: 8 Stencil DIY Projects You Should Try

By: Brittni mehlhoff Jun 28, 2012
created at: 06/24/2012
Stencils have come a long way since the days they were used to create decorative 'wallpaper' borders in your grandmother's kitchen. 
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Before & After: A $15 Accent Wall Makeover

By: Capreek May 28, 2012

created at: 05/28/2012

If you've got $15, a steady hand, and a bit of patience, you can turn a boring wall like this...   Continue Reading

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How to: Make a DIY Modern Silhouette Cuckoo Clock

By: Craftmel Feb 22, 2012

created at: 02/22/2012

In my bedroom I have a small, awkward wall.  Nothing fits there but my vintage library chair, and it has become the neglected space in the room. I recently decided that I needed a clock in my room; not just any run-of-the-mill time keeper, but one that would make my wall of woe a little more interesting while keeping with the modern feel of my bedroom.  I looked everywhere, and nothing was in my taste and in my small budget, so I decided to make exactly what I wanted. Continue Reading

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How To: Make a Festive DIY Confetti Tablecloth!

By: Capreek Feb 16, 2012

created at: 02/16/2012

Whether it's because I've got a birthday coming up or I just live life like it's a party, I'm totally feeling this colorful DIY project.  I mean, it's a confetti tablecloth, y'all.  What's not to like??   

I love this project as a quick way to spruce things up for a birthday party or just as a way to add a touch of playful color to your table.  It's a simple technique that you could apply to more than a tablecloth, though.Continue Reading

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Roundup: 7 Fabulous Faux Headboards

By: Diy maven Feb 15, 2012

created at: 02/15/2012

Whether you call them trompe l'oeil or faux, these plastered-right-on-the-wall headboards are the three C's: clever, cute and CHEAP!

I'm not sure about having chalk dust rain down upon my bed, but the idea of changing up Continue Reading

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How to: Print Your Own President's Day T-Shirt

By: Craftmel Feb 15, 2012

created at: 02/14/2012

All right, now that Valentine's Day is over, we can look ahead to the next holiday.  Do you do anything for President's Day?  If you feel like participating in some festivity, here's a wearable celebration.   Continue Reading

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How To: Make a Typographic DIY Stencil Pillow!

By: Capreek Jan 25, 2012

created at: 01/25/2012

Stencils, linen, and a good quote might be the ultimate throw pillow trifecta!   Continue Reading

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How To: Make New Year's Resolutions Subway Art

By: Craftmel Dec 27, 2011
created at: 12/26/2011
Whether it is spending more time at the gym to get rid of that last bit of baby weight (hey, it is a little harder after the third baby!) or organizing your photos, we all tend to make resolutions at this time of year.  But how good are we at keeping them?   Here's an idea to help us in the making and KEEPING of our resolutions.    Continue Reading
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IKEA Table Gets a Natural Modern Makeover

By: Alicia Jul 28, 2011

This month, Krylon is sponsoring a series of thrifty, creative DIY projects:

Over the last month, we've been giving some love to our favorite room in the house ... our porch. Earlier this month we spruced up our porch coffee tables and a rocking chair. Then we kept the momentum going and re-did some candle-holders. This week's project was both functional and fun, and we were thrilled with the results. 

IKEA table makeover - before
In the summer, we spend a lot ofContinue Reading

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Test Lab: Vecco Colorants for Carpet Makeovers

By: Diy maven Jul 25, 2011

created at: 07/25/2011

Have you heard of Vecco? If not, let me explain. Vecco is a system of templates, colorants and sealants which lets DIYers customize just about any carpet--area rug or wall-to-wall. Now, before you say, "Sounds like stenciling to me," it is and it isn't. Yes, there are stencils (templates) involved, but Vecco colorant is nothing like any paint you've ever used. The system sounded so intriguing, that when they recently offered to send over a test kit, I had to accept and share my findings with my fellow Curbers.

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How To: Make Super Easy, Super Quick Low-Cost Graphic Art

By: Chrisjob Jul 19, 2011

This month, Krylon is sponsoring a series of thrifty, creative DIY projects:

created at: 07/19/2011

Artwork. For my money, it's the number one way to add personality to a room. Sure, a $25 can of paint can make a big impact, but I'll take a white room with loads of art over boldly painted walls any day.

But, of course, you can't just go to the artwork store and scan the aisles until you find just the right piece of scale and color that matches your decor. Real art takes time to create, and fetches appropriately not-cheap prices, and isn't widely available at the local shopping center. Sure, family photos are nice, and an artfully framed poster will do, but don't you dare head to that kitchen and bath supply shop and paw through the faux-Tuscan paintings.

Instead, make your own. Quickly, easily, inexpensively, and no artistic ability required.   Continue Reading

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