Save Money and find Peace by Embracing Artlessness

By: Diy maven Jun 26, 2009


Living an artlessness life. It's exactly opposite of what we encourage here at Curbly, right? Not necessarily. At least not when you consider the art of artlessness as 'living simply and naturally', as Zen Habits defines it. Continue Reading

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Ribbon Wreath

By: Lilybee Nov 27, 2008

I heart wreaths on doors. Combine wreaths and ribbons and you've made my day. So thanks clever folks at The Long Thread for this bit O' lovely:

created on: 11/27/08

Yup, it is in black, cause this one was made as a Halloween decoration, but you can make it in the colours of your choice. Candy-striped cheerfulness maybe or swish red and silver, or maybe even multi-coloured with random bits from your monstrous and everContinue Reading

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Make Teacup Candles

By: Lilybee Nov 20, 2008

Teacups with saucers make the world more ladylike and dainty and thus brilliant. If you combine teacups and saucers and candles you get either a tea party waiting for a place to happen or these:created on: 11/20/08
Teacup Candles! Guest blogger Kate over at Design*Sponge made these lovely little fellows.  So cute, and I think they might be what ModHomeEcTeacher was talking about in her post about repurposing thrift store stuff to makeContinue Reading

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Origami Lights

By: Lilybee Jul 14, 2008

I heart paper lanterns. They make everything prettier and shinier and awesomely better. So I decided to make some in the simplest way possible.

created on: 07/14/08

Origami Waterbombs are SUPER EASY to do and can be whistled up in huge numbers while you're say, catching up on season 3 of Battlestar Galactica.

These pictures are of the finished lanterns, as I took a whole series of 35 step-by-step Origami 'how to' photosContinue Reading

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The $20 (Temporary) Bathroom Makeover

By: Lilybee Jul 09, 2008

created on: 07/08/08
I'm going to come right out and say it. I HATE our bathroom with a fiery passion. After living with it for a year-and-a-bit I decided that something had to be done.  Now my first choice would have been to rip it out, burn the pieces and salt the earth, cursing all the while. Trouble is this is a rental, and the agency might have a problem with that.

Here's the before and after shots:

created on: 07/08/08created on: 07/08/08

Note the ill advisedContinue Reading

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More Easy Wall Art (in CD frames!)

By: Bruno Nov 16, 2006

Alttext's post on creating easy wall art out of simple, cheap materials generated a lot of interest. Here's another method that produces some pretty spectacular results:

DIY Jewel Case Frames: Wonderful Wall Art Faster than you can say Polar Bears!

CD Jewelcase Wall Art Display

"We found a clever project that uses CD jewel cases to make rearrangeable, refillable, photo frames for those empty walls of yours. Watch our first ever Photojojo video tutorial and see how you can getContinue Reading

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