Roundup: 10 Splendid DIY Shoe Makeovers

Diy Maven

created at: 04/04/2012

Who doesn't love to usher in springtime with a new pair of fun shoes? Although these shoes look new, not all of them are. Some are from the thrift store, others are well-loved kicks that needed TLC, whereas others just needed a little 'something' to make them shine. The techniques used to transform them are easily reproduced, thanks to the accompanying tutorials. (All 'befores' are on the left; 'afters' on the right where applicable.)

First on the list is Kaitlin's spring-y Van makeover (pictured above), which she accomplished using a homemade stencil.

These much-loved Toms were getting a

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DIY Sandals!

Diy Maven

Summer Sandals Tutorial

And now for something really different, DIY sandals! Okay, not our usual Curbly fare, but c'mon...these are outstanding! The tute comes to us from Annekata who used a pair of used flip-flops to make them. Here's her entire

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25 Alternative Uses for Olive Oil

Chris Gardner

created at: 03/27/2013

Nutritionists will continue to tout olive oil for its high content of healthful, monounsaturated fats, like oleic acid, and polyphenols. The fruit oil practically propelled the entire Western world in antiquity, and is mentioned in nearly every sacred text this side of the Tigris and Euphrates.   

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