DIY Thrifty Car Odor Eliminators.

by Chris Gardner

Children. Pets. Power tools. Library books. Groceries. We ask alot of our cars...and, we put a lot of stinky things in 'em too. And with dark interiors and constant sludging back and forth, it's not always clear how dirty they get. Well, until the funk happens. It's like one day, you open the door, and sit down, and say "Oh,'s here."

Classic red car wtih red steering wheel, red fuzzy dice in the window and white interior, source:

So, here's seven inexpensive deodorizers intended with the unique interiors, shapes, and smells of your...

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How to Rid Your Home of Lingering Food Smells.

by Chris Gardner

Curbly has certainly featured its share of techniques to add pleasant scents to your home and person (here, here, here, here, and here), but there are those time when your home is ALREADY aroma-ed, and you'd actually rather give it the old neutralize rather than cover it up.


To that end, Apartment Therapy offers these solutions and others:

  • Simmer a pot of half vinegar and half water
  • Simmer a pot of water with lemon and orange peels
  • Leave...

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Keep Your 'Fridge Fresh with Salt-Packed Citrus Peels.

by Chris Gardner

Um...the fridge funk. Everyone gets it, no one wants it, and that box of baking soda your grandma (and I) told you to keep in there doesn't always kill it entirely.

As a fresh alternative, Paulina sent in this idea to TipNut: simply cut the fruit out of an orange (lemon, lime, tangelo, what have you) and fill the rind with salt. "The salt absorbs stale and nasty odors while the [orange peel' releases a fresh, orange smell."

I'ma going to try to...

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10 Homemade Air Fresheners

by Chris Gardner

Vacuum. Squeeze a bit of fresh lime or lemon juice in your vacuum's bag before sweeping your carpet.

Extracts. Combine vanilla, almond, or other extract with a cup of water, and spritz with a spray bottle about your living space.

Vinegar. Simply place a bowl of vinegar in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc, and let it sit while you're away for a few hours. When you return, the vinegar smell will have gone away, taking other odors...

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Modern Potpourri?

by Chris Gardner

I really get into the change of the seasons, and though it's not autumn yet, it's gonna be quite soon.

I appreciate a seasonally-scented home, but dried flowers and nut-ish things don't really suit my design aesthetic. I have pretty bad allergies, so only the natural-ist of candles are safe, but you can't leave those burning for long periods of time.

So, is there a modern solution to make one's home autumnally-aromaed? Or a tricky way to hide the...

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Setting the Mood with Candles

by DIY Maven


Did you know there was a National Candle Association? Me either. Anyway, according to a survey conducted by the NCA, 75% of candle consumers say that scent is a very important factor when purchasing candles. They needed a study for to figure this out?

So Many Candles; Just One Nose

The surge in candle and candle scent appreciation has blossomed into quite the business. Currently, there are more than 10,000 different scents of candles available to...

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