Before & After: Kitchen Wall Turned Office Area

Diy Maven
Kitchen office wall before.
Photo: Creatively Living Blog

We see a lot of home offices in guest rooms and craft rooms, but tucking one inside a kitchen, that's more rare. After seeing Katie's kitchen wall transformation, the trend just might catch on though. Of course, the first thing needed is a kitchen large enough to sacrifice the real estate. Luckily, Katie

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How To: Build a Restoration Hardware Inspired Rolling Console Table

Diy Maven
Restoration Hardware Inspiration
Photo: Restoration Hardware

Jen fell in love the moment she first saw Restoration Hardware's wood and steel console, which is pictured above. Employing simple metal connectors used in the construction trade, Jen was able to recreate the console at a fraction of the cost. (I'm guessing here, because Jen doesn't actually mention how much the project cost, but the RH inspiration clocks in at between $1195 and

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How To: Make a $6 Biomass Stove

Diy Maven
DIY Biomass Stove still shot
Photo: Cooking Different

Not your typical outdoor cooker, this biomass stove, which the maker calls a "rocket stove," could be a perfect addition to a small backyard.  It has a lot going for it including the fact that it smokes very little, it's virtually indestructible, it only needs a tiny bit of fuel (aka: biomass,

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Curbly Bookworm: Crafting with Wood Pallets

Diy Maven
Crafting with Wood Pallets cover shot
Photo: Ulysess Press

Becky Lamb gets it: no matter what some people may say, crafting stuff out of wood pallets will continue to be popular. Her love of the humble shipping staple started a long time ago with a DIY shelf. Her love affair has culminated into a complete book packed with 25+ rustic projects using them, and they just might be the inspiration you need to finally start making stuff out of those pallets you've...

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How to: Hanging Twig Christmas Tree

Faith Towers
How-to: Hanging Twig Christmas Tree
Photo: Faith Towers

Not everybody has space for a giant Christmas tree. And some of us just love to have a variety of different trees (that's me!). If you're short on space, this hanging twig Christmas tree might be the perfect solution for you. It can be suspended over a tabletop, and you can also make it any size you like. Continue reading to check out the final result and to find out how to make one yourself.    

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Eye Candy: 10 Modern Yet Cozy Cabins That Will Make You Want To Escape To The Woods

Jennifer Farley
Source: Decoist via Webber Studio; On Site Management

I don't know about you, but the holidays bring out my desire to snuggle up and just be with my family. Maybe it is because of the busy nature of the season, but I long to cozy up with my hot cocoa and escape. Here are 10 modern rustic cabins that make you want to live life in the woods...for good.      

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Extreme Makeover: IKEA Tarva Dresser Turned Bar Cabinet

Diy Maven
Photo: Addicted 2 DIY

The lovely thing about IKEA's Tarva dressers--besides their low sticker price--is their blank-canvas quality. They can easily be painted and stained to make them one of a kind creations. Katie, from Addicted 2 DIY can attest to this, as she not only (eventually) painted and stained her Tarva 3-drawer dresser, she took its makeover to the extreme by breaking out the power tools and turning it into a bar cabinet, complete

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