Eye Candy: 10 Stunning Natural Stone Fireplaces

by Jennifer Farley
Natural Stone Fireplaces
Source: Lonny; Photo: David A. Land

Painted fireplaces have become a trend in the last decade and in someways, in the DIY world, our attention has been diverted from beauty of natural stone fireplaces. Dont get me wrong, I love a good painted fireplace. There have been a few brick/stone fireplaces that have been victim to my paint brush...for good reason. Today's post is a good reminder that natural stone fireplaces can make a beautiful statement in any style of home...even modern ones. Here are ten natural fireplaces that might make you want to put down your paintbrush and consider stone.

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DIY Kitchen Makeover With a Twist

by DIY Maven
Megan's kitchen before
Photo: One Kings Lane

What I love about Megan's DIY kitchen makeover is it's totally unexpected. Let's face it, there's a lot of kitchen makeovers out there that, although they look fabulous after, they all kinda look alike. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing; they're popular for a reason. But as someone who searches for kitchen makeovers on the intertubes on a regular basis, something different is good. Now back to

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Cuteness Overload: Ikea Rocking Moose Hack

by DIY Maven
Ikea Ekorre Before
Photo: Ikea

I agree with Sarah, the genius behind this Ikea rocking moose (aka Ekorre $39.99) hack: it's pretty cute as is. However, the red red coat just wasn't working with Sarah's decor. So...she decided to change its species and turn Ekorre into a rocking SHEEP. As you can imagine, changing species called for some cosmetic surgery. First came rhinoplasty, as said moose's schnauz wasn't right at all. A nip and tuck and...

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Curbly Original
How to Organize Your Spice Cabinet Once and For All

by Chris Gardner


We like to cook at our house. We'll read cookbooks cover-to-cover as entertainment, subscribe to a nearly ridiculous amount of food magazines and blogs, and think a whole day spent in the kitchen or the grill is a very fine thing to do with a weekend.

And since we like a variety of foods, we have a lot of spices. Like, a alot. Since ground spices only last about six months, we like to buy them in bulk at ethnic markets and toast and grind them as needed. Which means, of course, that our cabinets is full of all kinds of bags and shakers and chip clips and jars and complete insanity.

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