Roundup: 10 Creative IKEA Play Kitchen Makeovers

by Faith Towers
Roundup: 10 Creative IKEA Play Kitchen Makeovers
Photo: Babiekins

The IKEA Duktig play kitchen is a popular item for families around the world, but it has a bit of a generic feel. It is also easily customizable, however; so many have given it a more personalized feel by changing the colors, adding metallic details and even creating backsplashes and storage. Here are ten super creative IKEA play kitchen makeovers that are sure to inspire you!   

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Curbly Original
Make It: Minimal Wood Spice Rack

by Stephanie Lee

Minimal Wood Spice Rack

When I first started exploring the world of DIY, I decorated some spice jars in the hopes of introducing just a small amount of order into my otherwise unlabelled, disorganised and chaotic kitchen.

Fast forward two years later and the spice jars have stood the test of time, but sadly I can't say the same about my good intentions to re-organise my kitchen. All the other items in my pantry remain unlabelled and my spice jars lie strewn all over the kitchen counter along with the other condiments that vye for precious bench space - eek!

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Quick and Simple Guest Room Makeover

by DIY Maven
Emily Henderson guest room makeover before
Photo: Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson recently took her friend and client Susanne's ho-hum guest room to new heights with a few simple changes that didn't break the bank. New curtains, linen, and bed (courtesy of World Market) add much-needed personality, yet the room still maintains the neutral vibe Susanne

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