How To: Make a DIY Holiday Wooden Slat Doormat!

By: Capreek Dec 14, 2011
created at: 12/12/2011
Merry and bright, indeed!  And easy to boot.  Check out how to make this festive wooden door mat below!… Continue Reading
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Typographic Walls

By: Diy maven Dec 12, 2011

created at: 12/12/2011

Located at the James Hotel in NYC, the permanent installation pictured above was created by artist Sarah Frost. Can you tell what she used to created it? Here's a picture… Continue Reading

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How to Turn a Pair of Jeans into a Bowl

By: Diy maven Dec 02, 2011

created at: 12/02/2011
As soon as I'm done with my Christmas gift knitting, I'm definitely going to do this project. It starts with a pair of jeans or some other sturdy, denim-like pants like the ones pictured above. A few fancy moves with a… Continue Reading
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How To: Turn Cardboard Boxes into Colorful DIY Shelving!

By: Capreek Nov 28, 2011

created at: 11/28/2011

After Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, chances are your cardboard box collection has grown exponentially.  Before you start tossing boxes out (or recycling them, hopefully), consider this clever reuse project: colorful DIY… Continue Reading

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Bicycle Vanity

By: Diy maven Nov 17, 2011

Benjamin Bullins mixed media discarded bicycle turned into a bathroom vanity

Just when you thought you'd seen everything in the way of bathroom vanities come this creation from artist Benjamin Bullins. Taking his inspiration from a single object--in this case a discarded bicycle--Benjamin… Continue Reading

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How to: Make DIY 'Bread Clips' to Organize Your Cables and Power Cords

By: Diy maven Nov 15, 2011

File:Bread clips.jpg

Oh ,how we loved the genius idea of using bread clips for power cord labels. However, there are a few problems with running with this hint. First, not every loaf of bread sold has this kind of clip, and, second, if we want to label all our power cords in such a fashion our carb intake will skyrocket. To circumvent these hiccups, we're going to make our own "bread clips," and get those cables organized!

What'cha need:

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How to Turn Wire Baskets into a Fairy Light Globe

By: Diy maven Nov 09, 2011

created at: 11/09/2011

Groddy wire hanging baskets. I had a rusted white one. I think my boo tossed it during a 'purge' earlier this year. Now I wish I had it. (Isn't that the way it always goes?) Of course, for this project I'd need two. Other than that, the supplies are minimal and include some small zip ties (got 'em), a can of silver spray paint (got it), a strand of fairy/Christmas lights (got those too) and… Continue Reading

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How to: Make a Colorful Bottle Cap Tray

By: Craftmel Nov 08, 2011

created at: 11/08/2011

I'm sure there are some of you out there with a great bottle cap stash, or could easily accumulate caps after a party of some kind.  So, what can you do with so many caps?  How about your own custom serving… Continue Reading

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Papasan Chair Turned Pendant Light

By: Diy maven Nov 08, 2011

created at: 11/08/2011

Serious props to Stephanie for thinking waaay outside the box in turning this papasan chair into a pendant light.  Makes me wanna take a look around the house to see what other… Continue Reading

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Make a Mini Modern Terrarium from a Light Fixture

By: Diy maven Nov 03, 2011

Vanessa had a $5 replacement light fixture shade on hand and an air plant that needed a new home. She couple them up for an interesting effect. The added weight of the pea gravel makes it Weeble-like, which means it can't roll off the table. 

Get the full how-to at Bluet and Clover: Air Flair

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Make It: A Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

By: Capreek Nov 01, 2011

created at: 11/01/2011

We've shown you how to turn suitcases into chairs and even picnic kits, but this might be my favorite vintage suitcase repurposing project… Continue Reading

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Brilliant Candlestick to Pedestal Table Conversion!

By: Diy maven Oct 19, 2011

created at: 10/19/2011

Think back to all those goofy candlesticks you saw the last time you were at the thrift store. Now think of all that ugly art you also saw. Now think about how they'd look turned into a pedestal table. Now think....oh forget it. Just look at… Continue Reading

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Eye-Catching House Numbers

By: Craftmel Oct 19, 2011

created at: 10/18/2011

One of my biggest pet peeves when I'm visiting someone for the first time is trying to find the miniscule house numbers next to the front door, garage, or wherever.  The frustration alone is enough to scrap the trip altogether.  Here's a unique idea for displaying house numbers that would draw even me right… Continue Reading

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How to: Turn Old Books into New Pumpkins

By: Diy maven Oct 06, 2011

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother might have turned a pumpkin into a coach, but did you know we have the power to turn ratty old paperbacks into pumpkins? Chances are we already have most of what we need to make them. (We like that.) If not, here's our… Continue Reading

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GENIUS Pant Hanger = Art Hanger

By: Diy maven Oct 05, 2011


Stylist Michael Walters used old pant hangers to display art back in the summer '08 edition of O at Home. As genius now as it was then. (I see a thrift store visit in my future.)

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