How to Build a Mirror from Reclaimed Barn Wood

By: Brittanymauriss Feb 24, 2011

created at: 02/24/2011

See this beautifully rustic barnwood-framed mirror? Love it as much as I do? You're in luck, because my friend Emily from Merrypad, a DIY source of crafty home inspiration, has written up a how-to for those of us who simply have to have this mirror for ourselves. Take a look!

Where did the salvaged wood & parts come from?

The salvaged wood originated from my parents' old, old barn. They plan to tear it down soon, so I wantedContinue Reading

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'Leggo My Eggo!' and More Creative Pancakes from The Pancake Project.

By: Chrisjob Dec 14, 2009



The Pancake Project is exactly what it sounds like: some creative dude in Las Vegas making amazing things from pancakes. It's great to watch his progress throughout the blog. More fun and detail with every post! No sharing of technique yet, but hopefully soon? Please?

See them all here.

Via SeriousEats.


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Upholstery Basics: 30 Minute Stool Makeover

By: Modhomeecteacher May 18, 2008

created on: 05/18/08

created on: 05/18/08

From the time my husband was pulling up to the grocery store for spaghetti ingredients to when he pulled in the driveway, I had this little modern stool reupholstered from teardown to presentation.  No kidding!  I had been deliberating on what fabric to use all morning and afternoon so the hard part was over.  I chose this black and white because I needed a little friction in the room.  All the colors were looking a little two summersContinue Reading

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I Have an Article in the New READYMADE Magazine!

By: Chrisjob Feb 04, 2008


If you were to go to your local, well-stocked bookstore, and happened to find Issue 33 of Readymade magazine, you might flip it open and check out all the fascinating articles and some amazing how-tos. And if, in this process, you made your way to pages 58-59 and the "Ready-Whip" column, you'd see a how-to article entitled "Build You Own Butcher Block."

I happened to have written that article. Even more interesting, that's my actual piece in theContinue Reading

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The Fix Its: How To Revive Your Dining Room Chairs

By: Bruno Nov 12, 2006

Are your dining room chairs on their last legs? Mine were. They were already looking bad three years ago when I bought them for $40 at a thrift store. Well, this weekend, Alicia and I decided we'd had enough:

Thanks for watching our first-ever installment of 'The Fix Its' (that's me and Alicia); we plan on doing lots more. If you have a suggestion for a project or a topic you'd like us to cover, please let us know

Continue Reading
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