How to Build a Mirror from Reclaimed Barn Wood

by Brittany Mauriss

created at: 02/24/2011

See this beautifully rustic barnwood-framed mirror? Love it as much as I do? You're in luck, because my friend Emily from Merrypad, a DIY source of crafty home inspiration, has written up a how-to for those of us who simply have to have this mirror for ourselves. Take a look!

Where did the salvaged wood & parts come from?

The salvaged wood originated from my parents' old, old barn. They plan to tear it down soon, so I wanted to save a part of...

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Upholstery Basics: 30 Minute Stool Makeover

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created on: 05/18/08

created on: 05/18/08

From the time my husband was pulling up to the grocery store for spaghetti ingredients to when he pulled in the driveway, I had this little modern stool reupholstered from teardown to presentation.  No kidding!  I had been deliberating on what fabric to use all morning and afternoon so the hard part was over.  I chose this black and white because I needed a little friction in the room.  All the colors were looking a little two summers ago. ...

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I Have an Article in the New READYMADE Magazine!

by Chris Gardner


If you were to go to your local, well-stocked bookstore, and happened to find Issue 33 of Readymade magazine, you might flip it open and check out all the fascinating articles and some amazing how-tos. And if, in this process, you made your way to pages 58-59 and the "Ready-Whip" column, you'd see a how-to article entitled "Build You Own Butcher Block."

I happened to have written that article. Even more interesting, that's my actual piece in the...

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The Fix Its: How To Revive Your Dining Room Chairs

by Bruno Bornsztein

Are your dining room chairs on their last legs? Mine were. They were already looking bad three years ago when I bought them for $40 at a thrift store. Well, this weekend, Alicia and I decided we'd had enough:

Thanks for watching our first-ever installment of 'The Fix Its' (that's me and Alicia); we plan on doing lots more. If you have a suggestion for a project or a topic you'd like us to cover, please let us know

Here are...

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