How To: 100+ Easy Handmade Christmas Card Tutorials

by DIY Maven

created at: 11/12/2012

A few years back, I posted an article highlighting 36 easy handmade Christmas cards. Little did we know that four years later, it would generate close to a quarter of a million views. The post's popularity told us that people are clamoring for easy and beautiful handmade Christmas card tutorials. It also told us that we needed to scrounge the internets for even MORE ideas. After doing just that, here's some for this holiday season. 


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Round up: 12 Fun Holiday Gift Wrap Printables

by Stephanie Lee
Photo: The Lovely Drawer

If you're anything like me, you'll know what it's like to scrounge around on Christmas Eve for the last remnants of wrapping paper you can find because you've left your gift wrapping to the last minute and the shops are no longer open. Thankfully, the internet always comes to my rescue with printable after free printable full of prettily patterned paper goodness - it's saved my gifts and my sanity time and time again. Click through to see my favourite printable finds!

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Make It: DIY Christmas Bell Chimes

by Jennifer Farley

Christmas Pipe Bells

The holiday season is for getting together and having fun with the people you love. One of my family's favorite Christmas activitites is playing our handmade Christmas chimes. These were a gift to our family and we have had some serious memories and laughter playing these bells. If you want to add some epic Christmas cheer to your next party here is how you make these Christmas bells.

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