Make It: Modern & Mounted Staghorn Fern Plant

By: Lexy.b.ward Jun 24, 2015
diy modern staghorn fern
photo: Vitamini Handmade

I'm calling it: the Staghorn Fern should be the new "it" plant. This guy looks so fantastic mounted on the wall that you can't take your eyes off it!      

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How To: Make Large-Scale Botanical Prints On The Cheap

By: Lexy.b.ward Apr 02, 2015
diy botanical prints
Photo: Jared Smith

You don't need to spend an arm and a leg for fancy art. And if you go the DIY route, you don't need to spend a ridiculous amount of time or effort. These botanical prints look like they couldn't be easier to make!      

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Roundup: 10 Irresistable Faux Plant And Flower DIYs

By: Faith-towers Feb 24, 2015
10 DIY Faux Plant and Flower Projects
Photo: Craftberry Bush

I've always loved flowers and plants, but I have a bit of a black thumb. So every now and then I like to supplement my houseplants with something faux (DIY, of course). They're fun to make, and they require zero maintenance. Here are ten of my favorites.   

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How To: DIY Embroidery Folk Art From Nature

By: Lexy.b.ward Jun 26, 2014

DIY nature folk art embroideryEmbroidery: not just your grandmother's hobby anymore. The threaded art has come a long way and I'm always fascinated by new patterns, colors, and textures. I would have never thought to embroider using plants and wildflowers, but the result is just gorgeous!       

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Roundup: 18 DIY Planters, Pots and Other Decorative Ideas

By: Brittni mehlhoff May 31, 2013

Break out those gardening gloves and a bag or two of soil. It's time to bring the outdoors in, with 18 decorative pot and planter ideas to breathe new life into your living space.   Continue Reading

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A 5 Minute Spring DIY to try this Weekend

By: Brittni mehlhoff Apr 05, 2013

created at: 04/02/2013

You may not always have time for weekend DIY projects but this one is so simple and perfect for spring, I'm pretty sure you can make room for it somehow.   Continue Reading

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Roundup: 10 Awesome DIY Metallic Vases and Planters

By: Capreek Jan 14, 2013

created at: 01/14/2013

Who doesn't love a pop of shiny, metallic goodness? This design trend has been hot for a couple years and, judging by the huge amount of gold and copper DIY projects we keep seeing, it doesn't appear to be going out of style anytime soon. If your own space could use a little touch of shine, check out these easy vase and planter projects -- they'll add just the right amount of flair to desktops, counters, or windowsills!     Continue Reading

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Roundup: 12 DIY Plant Marker Tutorials

By: Diy maven Apr 17, 2012

created at: 04/16/2012If you've ever planted something in your garden--vegetable or otherwise--and then subsequently forget what plant you planted in the spot until it produces fruit/vegetables/flowers, then you might need some plant markers. Luckily the intertubes are replete with ideas for making them. We'll start with simpler options and then work our way into fancy-schmancy territory.

We love paint stir sticks. In this case they are slathered in chalkboard paint and labelled with a china marker. The marker won't wash off in the rain but does Continue Reading

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Make It: Vertical Garden Rack

By: Mollymc Apr 12, 2012
created at: 04/11/2012


Last week, we did a roundup of small space gardening ideas. Well, the folks at Lowe's have thought of one more. This vertical gardening rack is a lovely way to bring the eye up in your small space. Plus, since it's a DIY you can customize it to favorite colors. See what you need to build your own rack.


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How To: Make a Living Succulent Wreath!

By: Capreek Apr 10, 2012

created at: 04/10/2012

I've been obsessed with the idea of making a succulent wreath for years now and you know what? I say 2012 is the year I finally make it happen! Who's with me? The weather is turning nice, after all... the timing couldn't be better!     Continue Reading

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Roundup: 8 DIY Small Space Garden Ideas

By: Mollymc Apr 05, 2012

created at: 04/02/2012

I don't have the greenest of thumbs, but with spring in full force where I live, I am eager to get outside and play in the dirt. Not all of us have a lot of land to work with, but these small space garden ideas prove that it's no excuse not to get growing. 

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How To: Make an All-Natural Hanging Succulent Garden!

By: Capreek Jan 09, 2012

created at: 01/09/2012

Succulents are my favorite plants in all the world; I am in love and intrigued by their sculptural qualities and other-worldly shapes.  So when I saw this artful hanging succulent garden made from palm tree fragments, well, I had to know how it was done!   Continue Reading

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Make It: A Simple and Charming DIY Centerpiece Idea!

By: Capreek Aug 01, 2011

created at: 08/01/2011

For your next shindig, keep things simple and sweet (and as budget-friendly as possible) with this DIY centerpiece idea!   Continue Reading

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Geek Chic: Make Your Own DIY Floppy Disk Planters!

By: Capreek Jul 26, 2011

created at: 07/25/2011

Ah, yes, "ye olde floppy disk".  If you happen to have some floating around or, per chance, were hoarding them for use as some sort of futuristic currency, it's time to turn them into something of actual value: indoor planters.  I'm even going to go out on a limb here and say that were you to sport a few of these on your desk at work, you'd have the coolest cubicle in town!   Continue Reading

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String Gardens

By: Diy maven Jul 13, 2011

Creations of Fedor van der Falk, these String Gardens are made using "a three-dimensional crochet filled with plaster, soil, moss, and grass." I assume the combination of these Continue Reading

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3-D Cinderblock Planter Wall: Yes, Please!

By: Craftmel Jun 22, 2011

created at: 06/22/2011

We've seen some fun DIY outdoor planters lately, but here is an oldie but goodie that has me scrambling to find spare cinder blocks.    Continue Reading

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DIY Modern Concrete Planter

By: Kellyb Jun 20, 2011

The landscaping around my house – if you could even call it that – has been the aspect of my home I'm least proud of. And the reasoning is simple, my modern tastes can make things really expensive really fast. But with a little elbow grease, these DIY concrete planters just might be the start of something wonderful for my home's curb appeal!Continue Reading

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Seriously Cool DIY: Sprout a Sofa

By: Craftmel Jun 14, 2011

created at: 06/13/2011

How's this for yard art?  I'm absolutely certain the Jones' next door don't have a grass couch in their backyard.  This puts a whole new meaning on "green-living."   

The people at ReadyMade give a detailed how-toon their website.  It requires some work and getting a bit dirty, but I'm thinking it would be totally worth it to make a few of these before a big party, or other outdoor event. 

I just don't want toContinue Reading

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How To: Make a Tiered Terranium (on the cheap!)

By: Craftmel May 11, 2011

created at: 05/11/2011

There is something strikingly beautiful in the simple succulent- a plant that can live happily in the summertime, wintertime, or anytime. They are even more eye-catching in an inexpensive, DIY tiered terrarium!  Continue Reading

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DIY Terrarium Magnets: Make Your Own Tiny Vertical Garden!

By: Capreek May 02, 2011

created at: 05/02/2011

Oh my goodness.  This may be one of the coolest DIY terrarium / vertical garden / house plant projects I've ever seen.  I don't know about you, but the thought of making my own tiny magnetic vertical garden is enough to make me want to cover every surface in my house in a magnetic material (or, at the very least, have one giant magnetic wall)!    Continue Reading

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