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Ready for Summer? You Should Make a DIY Picnic Basket Backpack

by M.E. Russell

Picnic Basket Backpack DIY

Picnic season is upon us. As a matter of fact, July is National Picnic Month! To celebrate, we're working on projects all month that are best enjoyed outdoors. Today I'm here to show you how to transform a regular straw tote bag into a handy backpack, perfect for bringing an outdoor lunch to the park. Keep reading to see how this picnic basket backpack was made.     

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A Guide to Packing the Perfect Picnic + A DIY Blanket

by Alicia Lacy

Packing the Perfect Picnic + A DIY Picnic Blanket

The dog days of summer are here and it's only matter of time before the heat becomes a distant memory. This time of year is fleeting, and we've been taking advantage of the sunlit evenings by eating almost all of our dinner picnic-style.

Picnics are a great way to enjoy the outdoors; they're easy to pack, and even easier to clean up. We're rounded up a few tips and recipes to inspire your next picnic in the park. Read on for our guide to the perfect picnic.

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How To: An Easy Solution to Prevent Fly-Away Tablecloths

by Craftmel

created at: 06/28/2011

I was at an event recently where the pretty outdoor tablecloths were blowing every which way in the wind, knocking over table settings and just being outright annoying.  The solution the hosts used was to tie the tablecloths onto the table, ruining the table staging.  Let's face it, even those tablecloth clips break up the beauty.  I knew there had to be a solution!  So, with a few scrap pieces of fabric, I came up with a rockin' remedy.  

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Make Root Beer Float Cupcakes

by Mod Home Ec Teacher


The conversation in my upholstery classes often roams into the land of sweet, unusual, and delicious recipes. We spend a lot of time discussing the latest from The Smitten Kitchen. Finally I had to see it for myself. You'll love the magazine-quality photography as well as the side commentary on all sorts of cleverly turned recipes. I've actually been daydreaming about these Root Beer Float Cupcakes; a perfect portable combination of chocolate cake and a root beer float.

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101 Picnic Dishes in 20 Minutes or Less.

by Chris Gardner

The New York Times' Mark Bittman admits: "It may be nothing fancier than bologna or tuna salad on white bread but you’re still likely to have a good time, which is probably why many of us remain devoted to the same picnic foods we’ve eaten all our lives." But sooner or later, a little variety atop the checkered blanket would be nice. But the bulk of the time should be spent outside, not in preparation in the kitchen. So, chef Bittman offers...

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Picnic Anyone?

by DIY Maven

As Memorial Day is just around the corner, that means so is picnic season. For everything dining al fresco, amble on over to, which just happens to be having a 25% off Memorial Day Sale. Their fully furnished baskets start at around 40 bucks and end at about a thousand.

For a romantic outing for two, is the Aegean Deluxe Travel Picnic ($44), which includes plates, flatware, corkscrew, cutting board, cheese knife and salt and pepper...

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