DIY Project: Outlet Mounted Charging Pocket.

by Chris Gardner

Cost: free. Recycling Power: Awesome. Creativity: Max.


Inspired by The Power Shelf (or the Drinn), Sean Michael Ragan from Makezine got moving on making his own outlet-mounted charging station from a shampoo bottle. "Most cell phones are provided with a very basic wall-wart charger, and you usually have to pay extra for a proper charging dock. The bundled charger is often unsightly in use, being just a transformer with a cord strung out to an...

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How to Install a Phone Jack.

by Chris Gardner

No, the telephone is not a dead technology, and it's still a useful way to attach yourself to the web, send faxes, or, gasp, make a phone call. Danny Lipford, of the Weather Channel, offers step-by-step instructions to this apparently DIYable project.

1.To disconnect the line, find the telephone interface box which is usually mounted on an outside wall where the phone lines runs into your...

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Phone Home Security

by DIY Maven

Your neighbors have noticed that your interior lights have been going on precisely at 6 pm and off at 11 pm every night. Either you have developed a new kind of obsessive compulsive disorder involving illumination, or your cat has determined the sorcery of The Clapper.  A third scenario is that you’re out of town and you’ve rigged up a lamp with a timer to make your home appear occupied.

Who Are You Fooling?

Nobody. Even the stupidest burglar...

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