How to: Easy and Adorable DIY Pet Portrait Christmas Ornament

by Jennifer Farley

DIY Printed Pet Christmas Ornament

This holiday season, a group of the Curbly writers decided to team up and each of us created a simple and stylish new Christmas ornament. We're calling it the "Curbly Ornament Challenge" but there's not much competition involved...just a lot of fun, seasonal crafting. See all of the ornaments here.


My Christmas tree is filled with my pictures and things that represent everyone in my family. This year I decided to make a little ornament with a sweet picture of my dog. Piper, my Vizsla is getting older but she is well loved and I can't believe we have nothing representing her on our tree. I love these pet photo pillows so here is how I made an ornament version for my tree.  

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Curbly Original
How To: Make a Modern Dip-Dyed Rope Dog Leash

by Capree K

Colorful rope dog leads have been all the rage in the pet accessories world lately -- and I am obsessed! But, with prices ranging anywhere from $70 to over $150, they're a little outside most people's "dog stuff" budgets. If you'd still like to get your paws on a stylish leash for your pooch (in whatever color your heart desires) without breaking the bank, give this easy DIY rope leash project a whirl!       

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Roundup: 6 Very Cool and DIYable Cat Trees

by DIY Maven

Kitties love to climb, so what better way to treat your feline fur-children than to make them a kitty tree? These six ideas range from easy to more advanced on the DIY scale, but all are sensational in their own way. 

Love this creation from Meow Cat. The instructions are slim, but it seems easy enough to make for the a woodworker with the right tools. The circles and cat-head shapes give it personality, don't you think?


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