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How To: DIY Ink Crosshatch Art

by Jennifer Farley

DIY Ink Crosshatch Art

I really love simple art and I have been looking for something I could DIY for my guest bedroom. I am drawn to the movement of ink crosshatch. Artists do some seriously cool things with crosshatch, but my experience with it is what I doodled on my paper in college when I should have been taking notes. I decided to make a simple piece of art drawing lots of lines. Here is how I did it.   

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Join the 31 Day Flower Drawing Challenge!

by DIY Maven
The House That Lars Built Rose
Photo: The House That Lars Built

I absolutely LOVE this! And you will too...especially if you yearn (like I do) to hone your drawing skills. Check it out, Brittany Jepsen from The House That Lars Built is presenting an outstanding 31-day flower drawing challenge via instructional videos on YouTube. She started with How to Draw a Poppy (video below) on May 1st, and

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