Make Framed Origami Art

Diy Maven

Love, love, love Jessica Jone's framed origami animal art idea/tutorial. She made vignettes of little foxes and a whale, but the method could be applied to a variety of origami creations. To browse origami folds/instructions for inspiration to create original vignettes of your own, visit Origami Instructions. But to make these two delightful art pieces, visit How About Orange--complete with printable backgrounds!


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Make It: DIY Berry Boxes To Hold Odds & Ends

Lexy Ward

The fruit box is one of those treasures that I save after visits to the farmer's market. I love the simple beauty of them and was so happy when I stumbled upon a tutorial to make my own! This project is very easy and you can customize them for any use! You could even make a large one to hold Dad's gifts this Sunday!      

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