Shopping Guide: 10 Must-Have Art Supplies To Jumpstart Your Creativity

by Faith Towers

SHOPPING GUIDE: My 10 Must-Have Art Supplies To Jumpstart Your Creativity

As someone who crafts for both business and pleasure, I spend a lot of time at local art supply stores and on websites that sell craft goodies. But there are a handful of materials that I use all the time, so I make sure to always have them on hand. And I thought I'd share that list with you, so you can fill out your craft supply collection with all of the necessities.  

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How To: 'Dye' Clear Glass Any Color (We Test Two Techniques)

by DIY Maven


Dyed glass feature image
Photo: DIY Maven


A few years back, we profiled a new technique to 'dye' clear glass any color. The original maker included instructions that called for mixing acetone (nail polish remover) with Vitrail glass paint. Since posting the profile of the technique, the original how-to has vanished from the internets. We decided to take our own stab at the technique to see if we could replicate the outcome and devise our own how-to.

With some trial and error, we were able to do it...but not without some 

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Curbly Original
How To: DIY Knock-Off Anthropologie Metalwork Hurricane

by Jennifer Farley

Anthropologie Metal Hurricane Knock Off

I have been loving brass metalwork hurricanes lately, especially the ones from Anthropologie. While trolling the lighting aisles of the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store the light bulb went off...the one in my head that is. I could use a brass and glass 1980s light fixtures to make a brass hurricane. Here is how I made my knock off metal work hurricane.   

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DIY Kitchen Makeover With a Twist

by DIY Maven
Megan's kitchen before
Photo: One Kings Lane

What I love about Megan's DIY kitchen makeover is it's totally unexpected. Let's face it, there's a lot of kitchen makeovers out there that, although they look fabulous after, they all kinda look alike. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing; they're popular for a reason. But as someone who searches for kitchen makeovers on the intertubes on a regular basis, something different is good. Now back to

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Cuteness Overload: Ikea Rocking Moose Hack

by DIY Maven
Ikea Ekorre Before
Photo: Ikea

I agree with Sarah, the genius behind this Ikea rocking moose (aka Ekorre $39.99) hack: it's pretty cute as is. However, the red red coat just wasn't working with Sarah's decor. So...she decided to change its species and turn Ekorre into a rocking SHEEP. As you can imagine, changing species called for some cosmetic surgery. First came rhinoplasty, as said moose's schnauz wasn't right at all. A nip and tuck and...

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