10 Quick Exterior Curb Appeal Fixes to Mask the Ugly Unchangeables

by Jennifer Farley
Source: Love Grows Wild

Do you have something about your home's exterior you just can't stand? Maybe you dream of a complete exterior overhaul, but the financial reality of the renovation makes your unappealing exterior completely unchangeable (at least for now). The good news is you might not need to change everything. Maybe all you need is a few simple additions or changes. Here are ten curb appeal updates you can do to help down play what is unappealing, or make the unchangeable something you love.   

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Herb Gardens 101

by Lexy Ward

It's the season of gardening! If you haven't had a chance to start, now's your chance. Herb gardens are the perfect way to dip your toes into gardening, and enjoy all the rewards that come along from planting and growing your own herbs. It's easier than you think to do, so if you're a novice, or just need some help, check out these tips! 

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How To: Make a $6 Biomass Stove

by DIY Maven
DIY Biomass Stove still shot
Photo: Cooking Different

Not your typical outdoor cooker, this biomass stove, which the maker calls a "rocket stove," could be a perfect addition to a small backyard.  It has a lot going for it including the fact that it smokes very little, it's virtually indestructible, it only needs a tiny bit of fuel (aka: biomass,

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