The HP Designer Matchup Challenge Week 2: Vote for Your Favorite Design!

By: Capreek Aug 20, 2012

created at: 08/20/2012

Last week, we introduced you to Goil and Tom from TUG Studio, who will be creating a one-of-a-kind product -- based entirely on your votes -- for the HP Designer Matchup Challenge. Our first round of voting was to determine the type of product and material. Well, your votes have been tallied and the results are in!     

 Admittedly, as a crazy dog lady, I was hoping "something for my dog/cat" would win. Alas, it wasn't in the cards. I'm still pretty stoked about the results, though! Are you curious? Yes? Okay, drum… Continue Reading

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How to: Make Homemade, Healthy Spiced Ketchup

By: Rebekah-greiman Aug 10, 2012
Hello! I'm Rebekah from Potholes and Pantyhose where I share and photograph detailed tutorials of my DIY projects, recipes, photography tips and remodeling endeavors. I am in the middle of remodeling both our living and dining rooms.

My garden is in full swing and I have a plethora of Roma tomatoes that needed to be used. And, after reading the back of a ketchup bottle one day which listed the third ingredient as High Fructose Corn Syrup and the fourth as Corn Syrup, I knew just what… Continue Reading

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Before and After: Rusty Metal Chairs to Modern Outdoor Set

By: Brittni mehlhoff Aug 09, 2012
created at: 08/02/2012

If you have ever passed by a set of rusty chairs at an estate sale wishing they were in better shape, do I have a DIY makeover for you. It turns out giving new life to worn, metal furniture is not as tough as it looks. See the transformation after the jump.… Continue Reading
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How to: Build an Extra Large DIY Picnic Table

By: Rebekah-greiman Aug 07, 2012

created at: 08/06/2012

Hello! I'm Rebekah from Potholes and Pantyhose where I share and photograph detailed tutorials of my DIY projects, recipes, photography tips and remodeling endeavors. I am in the middle of remodeling both our living and dining rooms.

We inherited a rather large and very wobbly picnic table when we purchased one of our rental properties. It needed a makeover, badly.   I recycled what I could from the existing picnic table-the metal frame-and built a brand new one that seats eight people… Continue Reading

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How to: Make a Miniature Geometric Planter

By: Chrisjob Aug 01, 2012
created at: 08/01/2012
Rachel, a Portland, Oregon-based artist who runs a mean Etsy shop (nebulas!) came up with this quick and easy way to make these charming little faceted plant pots.… Continue Reading
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How To: DIY Pebble Planter

By: Craftmel Jul 24, 2012
created at: 07/23/2012

Good-bye plain ol' pot, and hello pebbly goodness!  While adding flowers and plants in your home is a great way to pull in pops of color, I think we can all agree that the planters must be a design statement in and of themselves as well, like the textured element this DIY pebble planter exhibits.  … Continue Reading
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How To: Make a Mini Window Japanese Garden

By: Diy maven Jul 23, 2012
created at: 07/23/2012
The good people over at 3M sent along some of their handy, new Command clear products for me to use to make some quick crafts. In this how-to, I used their Medium Caddy, which is among their organization line and is great for stashing spices and nail polishes and such. Of course, we're using it for a vertical window garden. 

To make a vertical window garden for yourself, you'll need the… Continue Reading
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How To: Make your Ice Cream Cones even Cooler with a Decorative Wrappers DIY

By: Brittni mehlhoff Jul 20, 2012

created at: 07/18/2012
Cool down in style on a hot summer day or at the next ice cream party, with these kid-friendly (and adult-friendly) ice cream cone wrappers.… Continue Reading
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8 Outdoor DIY Projects for Summer

By: Brittni mehlhoff Jul 19, 2012
created at: 07/18/2012

Break out your gardening gloves, sewing kit, and maybe even a drill or two! It's time to soak up the sun with these outdoor DIY projects for summer. Oh, and, you might want to make yourself a cold drink too. It's hot out there!… Continue Reading
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How To: Make a Vertical Garden from Reclaimed Wood

By: Capreek Jul 18, 2012
created at: 07/18/2012
This project combines the idea behind paint can planters and garden walls pretty perfectly, don't you think?  … Continue Reading
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How To: Make a Water Blob

By: Diy maven Jul 18, 2012
waterblobtutorial Water Blob: Tutorial
Definition of WATER BLOB: A large sheet of plastic folded in half, taped up on three sides and filled with water. Why? Because it's fun to pounce on and it keeps you cool on hot days. Great for kids and adults alike, it takes very little to construct, but it provides hours and hours of play.… Continue Reading
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How To: DIY Outdoor Drink Holder

By: Craftmel Jul 17, 2012

created at: 07/16/2012
After tripping over and successfully spilling my holiday drinks, I was certain there was a more practical and functional solution than trying to hide my A&W under my plastic lawn chair.  It turns out that there is a simple DIY option out… Continue Reading

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How to: Make a DIY Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

By: Ty estes Jul 16, 2012

created at: 07/16/2012
This mid-century style table was made with ¾” thick plywood and hairpin metal legs.  With some basic woodworking skills, this modern patio table can be built for $200 to $300, depending on the types of legs you choose.  I made this table that seats six for a covered patio, but it can be used indoors as… Continue Reading

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Make It: DIY Paper Flower String Lights

By: Capreek Jul 12, 2012
created at: 07/11/2012
What's an outdoor summer soiree without some fanciful lighting?? Bring the festivities up a notch with some colorful flower string lights!    

These pretty garden lights are made using low-heat LEDs (we don't want your party to take a turn towards Tragic Fire Town) and colorful cupcake liners. Check out how to make different flower and leaf styles over on Oh Happy Day!
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Roundup: Romantic Juliet Balconies

By: Diy maven Jul 12, 2012

created at: 07/09/2012

O Balcony, Balcony! wherefore art thou Balcony? Owners of Juliet balconies, the architectural term to describe 'false' or abbreviated balconies, oft lament their minis are not the 'real' thing. But with inspirational pictures like these, I'm lamenting not having one. 

Plants, of course, are often the first choice with which to decorate these kinds of balconies. 

So much so, you can't even see the railings sometimes. 


Trellises on a balcony? PerfectiContinue Reading

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