Simply Clever: DIY No-Sew Pencil/Pen Roll

by DIY Maven
Photo: Creative Homemaking

In a continuing effort to exercise my drawing capabilities, I recently acquired Christopher Hart's absolutely delightful Doodletopia Cartoons (Amazon, $19). Following Christopher's tutorials as I recreate his cheeky characters has become the perfect way to unwind before bedtime--except when one of my drawing pencils goes missing. Then it's a frustrating game of hide-and-seek with

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Make It: Easy No-Sew Roman Shades

by Capree K
created at: 07/19/2012

I'm on a quest to find new window treatments that are affordable and stylish and, well, affordable. What we have now are some discolored, plastic "wood" blinds that have ceased to open properly. I love the look of Roman shades, but hate the typical expense associated with having them custom made. So, what's a girl to do? Make her own! Without sewing a single stitch!    

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6 No-Sew Fabric Display Ideas

by Craftmel

created at: 01/03/2012

Who says fabric is only for sewing?  I, a self-proclaimed fabric hoarder, have lots that I don't see myself cutting into any time soon since I am waiting for the perfect project for it.  In the meantime, that beloved print can still make a statement in my home!  Framing fabric, like the photo above from Cape 27, is a great way to use fabric as art.  How about more easy ideas?  

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Easy No Sew Daybed Bedskirt

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2009/11/08

It may look like this smart, pleated bedskirt (dust ruffle) was custom made for this daybed bedding ensemble, but oh no. This simple, single pleated fabric panel is attached with velcro to the front bedspring rail. It can be removed and replaced easily for lots of under the bed storage. gives you step by step instructions to make a sewn, and a no-sew version of this bedskirt. All you need to get

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Last Minute NO-SEW Halloween Costumes from Craftzine

by DIY Maven

Craft Magazine senior editor, Natalie Zee Drieu, was featured on the CBS Early Show this weekend sharing some fabulous tips on how to make last minute no-sew Halloween costumes, with items we just might have on hand. Chose from a pirate, bee, monkey, sushi (!) and especially appropriate for Curbliers everywhere--a Lego. Along with the video, there are posted instructions for each costume.

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How to turn an old sweatshirt into a no-sew cuddly pet blanket.

by DIY Maven

Here’s an fun, no-sew way to turn an old sweatshirt into great cuddlies for our fur-children. For those of you who frequent fabric stores, you’ll recognize the technique; for those of you who don’t know fleece from flannel, don’t worry. It really is an INCREDIBLY fast and easy project.

What you need:

One old sweatshirt...the biggest you can find. It doesn’t even matter if it’s stained.

A scissors.

A ruler and a bit of cardboard.

What you do:


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Knot Another No-Sew Pillow Slipcover (The Package Pillow)

by DIY Maven
This no-sew pillow slipcover idea is for people who not only don’t own a needle or thread but don’t know what they are.
What You Need                                  What You Don’t Need
Ugly square pillow of your choice            Needle

Fabric: approximately twice the              Thread
    dimensions of the pillow,
    so about 40" square fabric
    for 20" pillow.



Nice Package

Lightweight cotton works great for this method.  Lay your fabric wrong...

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