Homewood Studios Tour: Art & Community Stewardship

by Bruno Bornsztein

George Roberts, discussing his Homewood Studio's role artistic in the community stewardship.
When Minneapolis residents picture their city's north side, they think of crime, foreclosures, and unemployment. But George Roberts, standing in the sun-lit gallery of the neighborhood's Homewood Studios, says that picture is far from complete. He's a retired high-school English teacher, and, with a gentle demeanor and a white, close-cropped beard, he looks the part.

But he's also an artist, poet, and, in his own way, a community activist. "In...

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Pecha Kucha Night in Minneapolis

by Bruno Bornsztein

If you haven't heard of Pecha Kucha, it's an innovative forum where creative work can be shown. Pecha Kucha means 'the sound of conversation' in Japanese, and each presenter is limited to exactly 20 slides! The concept has taken off in cities around the world, and a friend recently e-mailed to let me know about a Pecha Kucha night in Minneapolis:

Imagine the following experiences, each packed into 6 minutes, 40 seconds

- a supply chain concept...

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Do Twin Cities-ers really go to the Mall of America?

by Chris Gardner

Last weekend, D2: The Mighty Ducks was on tv. (The Quack Attack is Back, Jack.) I, of course, watched the entire thing...

The opening, feel-good montage includes some shots of rollerblading around the Mall of America, ridiing the roller coaster, food court, etc....

That thing looks out of control. No one really goes there to shop for everyday things, right? It can't be convenient... Does it have unique stores, or just the same chains that are in...

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