Mr. Modern VALENTINE: Alexander Girard

By: Modhomeecteacher Feb 12, 2010

created at: 2010/02/12

Photo Images: Herman Miller

Nobody has done as much for cool, modern heart designs as textile designer, and lover of folkart,  Alexander Girard. I became a huge fan of his furniture and fabric designs when we were entrenched in making the projects for Curbly's book, Make It! MidCentury Modern. I was more than delighted to see Herman Miller's blog tribute posted yesterday about their beloved Master of Textiles. It states,

"In the 1967 Herman Miller catalog the “International Heart” is referred to as “Love Heart” and “A tribute of Love and Friendship to your wife, sweetheart, or customer."  And you could get a 15 1/2 square for a whopping $2.25. Not bad!

See the Master at work, and get a peek into his studio...Continue Reading

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Cupola Fireplace

By: Diy maven Feb 10, 2010


Here's another one of those fabulous fireplaces that cause so much kerfuffle in Curbly comments. The problem is it burns ethanol, which can be bad if you, you know, breathe oxygen. (At least that's what commenters have told me.) The Cupola, from Vauni, appears as if it is a burning wall-mounted art piece. At 59 pounds, it weighs about as much as a 55" flat screen TV. What I'm wonderingContinue Reading

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Make an Alexander Girard 'Heart' Valentine

By: Diy maven Feb 01, 2010

created at: 2010/02/01

Show the mid-mod lover in your life how much you love them with my Girard-inspired Valentine! Here's what you'll need to make one:

  • black card stock and white card stock (my card is 4.25" x 5.5", when folded)
  • red light-weight card stock or construction paper
  • cutting mat
  • craft knife
  • scissors
  • adhesive of your choice

First,Continue Reading

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Mid-Century Modern Home: Too Perfect or Too Much?

By: Diy maven Jan 29, 2010

This home in the Hancock Park area of LA has been used for a numerous photography and film shoots. Most recently, it starred as Annette Benning's home in 'Running with Scissors'. The house has five bedrooms, an open floor plan and a pool--complete with a cabana. Sold in 1997 to gossip columnist Janet Charlton, the home was again listed in '07 for just under 3 million. What sets it apart from many homes we've seen is it hasn't beenContinue Reading

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Have Yourself a Very Vintage Valentine

By: Diy maven Jan 29, 2010

Aluminum Martini Glass Set Of 2


Is your lover a lover of all things mid-century? If so, these little gems just might make her/him swoon. First up are a set of 2 ruby-red aluminum martini glasses from Betty's Attic. Just 10 bucks for the pair and you and your boo will be sipping in style.

Also from Betty's Attic is this aluminum pitcher. It's 7.75" high x 5.5" in diameter and a measlyContinue Reading

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Playboy Magazine, July 1961 (MCM Masters)

By: Diy maven Jan 28, 2010


Do you recognize any of these men? Here's a hint: Curbly pays homage to three of them in Make It! Mid-Century Modern. Here's another hint: Take note of the objects they're sitting in/photographed next to. FromContinue Reading

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Read what people are saying about Make It! Mid-Century Modern!

By: Diy maven Jan 28, 2010

created at: 2010/01/28

Our first addition to the Curbly Libary, Make It! Mid-Century Modern, is only a few months old, but it's made a serious impression in the on-line crafting community and to those highly intelligent individuals who've purchased copies. And here's the proof:

The Sunday Times Market is showing Make It! MCM mad love.

SF Gate, home of the San Francisco Chronicle, couldn't be more complimentary.

CraftyPod gives our very first ebookContinue Reading

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Curbly Giveaway: Win One of Five Free Copies of Make It! Mid-Century Modern

By: Chrisjob Jan 28, 2010

All it takes is two quick mouse clicks... Don't miss out! The deadline is Sunday, January 31st, at 11:59 pm.

First, read what folks are saying about Make It! Mid-Century Modern.

Then, enter yourself to win one of five free copies!

created at: 2010/01/22

To enter, just do two things: 

That's it! TheContinue Reading

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Mid-Century Modern Blog of the Week: The Vintage Life.

By: Chrisjob Jan 25, 2010

Dave and Rebecca from The Vintage Life started the blog, in their own words, to "share our passion for living the vintage lifestyle. From the home we own and fill with 1950 and 1960s items to our vintage camper and boat, we are proud to be vintage through and through. Join us on our vintage journey, so far it has been a great ride."

created at: 2010/01/25

Over the last few days, they've been featuring a series of vintage postcards they found in an now-closed antique store in Columbus, WI.

Continue Reading

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Please Welcome Guest Blogger: Tyler Goodro

By: Chrisjob Jan 25, 2010

In honor of Mid-Century Modern Month, we've invited modernist Tyler Goodro of to share his thoughts on how contemporary movements in design can help you love where you live. Tyler will be with us the whole week, of January 25 - 31, so check out his thoughts and feel free to comment and exchange ideas, then head over to Plastolux to see the goodies he's been posting there for the last few years.

created at: 2010/01/24

A bit about Tyler'sContinue Reading

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Curbly Giveaway : Win a Free Copy of Make It! Mid-Century Modern

By: Chrisjob Jan 23, 2010

Friends of Curbly - We're giving away five free copies of our latest publication - Make It! Mid-Century Modern.
Make It! is our new series of how-to print/PDF manuals! In our first issue we show you how to make your own mid-century modern design masterpieces. These twelve of the MCM-inspired how-to projects will show you how to make a Calderiffic Mobile, Eames-embroidered napkins, a fantastic Girard-ish ottoman and more!.

created at: 2010/01/22

Each articleContinue Reading

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The Tulip Table with a Twist!

By: Chrisjob Jan 21, 2010


There's a whole heap of Tulip tables copies out there, but this one adds...well, a twist.

"The organic contour of the Twist Stem dining table finished in an alluring yet practical black high gloss and is large enough to seat 6-8 people. The graceful curve of the table’s support is more than just a decorative feature. Beginning with a broad footprint and rising to a fine stem, it provides a firm, stable base with plenty of legroom. So, for a dining table with a twist, try this imaginative and beautifully designed piece of furniture."   Continue Reading

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The Most Valuable Thrift Store Shopping Tip

By: Modhomeecteacher Jan 20, 2010

created at: 2010/01/20

Photo: ApartmentTherapy

This ApartmentTherapy photo is featuring wallpaper. To me, it screams "buy both of them" in reference to the chairs. I've said it before, here on Curbly, and I'll say it again, ALWAYS buy a pair if they're available.

One of my upholstery students arrived last week with a beautiful maple, mid century modern Conant Ball chair she just purchased at Goodwill. An unusual and exceptional find at Goodwill! Continue Reading

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