Mid-Century Modern Melamine

By: Diy maven Jan 13, 2010

classic serving trays

Eames, George Nelson, Alexander Girard. Three designers profiled in Curbly's Make It! Mid-Century Modern who are also celebrated with these designs from Vitra. Continue Reading

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Elvis's Mid-Mod Hideaway

By: Diy maven Jan 12, 2010


created at: 2010/01/12

Elvis's mid-mod digs is a far cry from Graceland. Located in Las Vegas, the home was actually owned by the International Hotel (later The Hilton Hotel). It was the rest stop for entertainers that frequented the strip. Entertainers like Dean Martin and, yes, Elvis. Because of the King's occupation, the house became known as 'The Elvis House'. A few years back, when the houseContinue Reading

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Becky's Mondrian/Partridge Family Afghan

By: Diy maven Jan 12, 2010

created at: 2010/01/12

WHAT, you might ask, does a mid-century artist of Mondrian's magnitude have to do with a 70's sit-com? Well, the Partridge family bus just happened to be painted in the unmistakeable Mondrian style. As far as this unlikely union producing an afghan offspring, that Becky's doing. She started with a pattern at Lion Brand, changed some colors and sizes, and then got busy crocheting. Done in the Tunisian stitch, the outcome is quite remarkable. Continue Reading

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The Very Mid-Century Flyer Saucer Bowl

By: Chrisjob Jan 08, 2010

After World War II, attentions turned to outer space, adding a fun and exploratory sense to mid-century decor. Thus, these flying saucer bowls from the incredibly named Museum of Robots add a beautiful and playful appeal to any modern decor.


"The iconic flying saucer shape lands on the tabletop in this multi-functional two-piece bowl set. It can be used as a covered bowl, or rest the top on its antennae-feet as a second bowl. Natural Acacia Wood bowls on jewelry-quality stainless steel Flying Saucer Base."

Continue Reading

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Download FREE Retro Scrapbook Paper

By: Diy maven Jan 08, 2010

created at: 2010/01/08

I was at my local craft store the other day looking of retro scrapbook paper. They had one. ONE. A search of the internets, however, uncovered Apple Scrapbook, which has a dozen darling retro scrapbook papers you can download for free. Perfect for virtual scrap-booking, of course, but also great for craft projects.Continue Reading

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Behind the scenes with Mad Men's Adam Rowe

By: Diy maven Jan 08, 2010


Anne Ditmeyer over at design*sponge recently interviewed Mad Men's Adam Rowe, an art assistant on the show. As you can imagine, recreating the mid-century in such detail is a challenge, but from how Adam describes it, it's also a blast! Continue Reading

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Ikea does Mid-Century Modern

By: Diy maven Jan 07, 2010

created at: 2010/01/07



When we think of Ikea, we probably think modern, affordable, flat-packed furniture. Of course not everything Ikea sells is flatly packed and some of it evokes a modern of the mid-century variety. Here's a couple of cases in point. Pictured above is the Docksta Dining Table ($149) and below is Eero Saarinen's white laminate Tulip Table ($1,543.00).


Continue Reading

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Very Modern Mailboxes

By: Diy maven Jan 07, 2010

created at: 2010/01/07

Most people don't think about their mailboxes much. And why should they? Mostly they're just repositories for unwarranted credit card applications and announcements for rug cleaning services. On the other hand, whether the box is the kind that hangs next to your front door or, like mine, it's on a post at the end of the drive, mailboxes are often the first thing that greets visitors to your home. If it's time to reassess your postbox presentation, you might want to start with some of these offerings, which have a very Palm Beach circa 1950's feel. (Each are made in New Zealand, but can be shipped anywhere in the world.)Continue Reading

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Airstream Dreams

By: Diy maven Jan 06, 2010

created at: 2010/01/06

Nothing says mid-century than that silver bullet travel trailer, the Airstream. MWT and I have a dream to procure a smaller '60's or '70's model and give it the once-over, kind of like what Deb did. But if you don't have the temerity to jump into a house-on-wheels makeover, you can buy a new Airstream International, which architect Chirstopher Deam has infused with contemporary styling that harkens back to the mid-century (see below). Continue Reading

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Martha Does Mid-Century Modern

By: Diy maven Jan 06, 2010

created at: 2010/01/06

A while back Martha sat down with antiques dealer and mid-century modern aficionado Alan Moss for a chat about MCM furniture. It's a quintessential "Martha" interview, culminating in the perfect blend of information and yummy window shopping. And the best part is, you can watch it in its entirety on marthastewart.com.

For more ideas on how to use Mid-Century Modern inspired design in your own home, check out Curbly's MCM how-to manual, Make It! Mid-Century Modern.

Continue Reading

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Home Tour: Staris Vicky's Mid-Century Masterpiece.

By: Chrisjob Dec 30, 2009

mid century modern interiors design

These are the sorts of the things that make humankind drool...

mid century modern interiors design

mid century modern interiors design

And, to deck out your own home in all sorts of Mid-Century Modern goodness, check out Curbly's new eBook - Make It! Mid-Century Modern.

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Make It! Mid-Century Modern Inspiration

By: Diy maven Dec 30, 2009

created at: 2009/12/30

When the Curbly Team put our collective heads together and decided we'd write our own craft book, we kicked around ideas for a 'theme'. After some brainstorming, we all jumped on the mid-century modern train. That, as it turned out, was the easy part. The hard part was to determine just what projects we might want to tackle to put in its pages. As for me, I went straight to the masters. The artists and designers who define(d) theContinue Reading

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A peek inside Make It! Mid-Century Modern

By: Diy maven Dec 22, 2009

created at: 2009/12/22

If you haven't heard, Make It! Mid-Century Modern, fresh from the Curbly Library, is ready for hassle-free download. It would make a great stocking stuffer for that MCM fan on your Christmas list, or send a link to the purchase page to your mom, dad, significant other or best friend for a last minute hint.

After it's in your hot little hands you can get crackin' on these projects featured in the book: Eames-inspired embroidered napkinsContinue Reading

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Modern Home Humidifiers - a Move Towards Stylish Home Necessities

By: Chrisjob Dec 17, 2009

Apparently, it can be done. From Materialicious: "HOME humidifiers are appearing with many new features and stylish designs as seen by the seven shown on this link. It's important to maintain a healthy balance of moisture and the hot dry air found in most homes during the winter months. The humidifier pictured is by Rocca."


I post not because I am completely enamored with the design, though I am. I'm more interested in the trend overContinue Reading

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Free Modern Gingerbread House Plans.

By: Chrisjob Dec 15, 2009

Houston, Texas - based architecture firm Hometta are getting into the spirit of giving this year.

They're offering free buliding plans to make your own very contemporary gingerbread home. Their plan is "a small-scale version of the Draft House by Hometta’s own, award-winning HouMinn Practice."

The plans are based on a readymade gingerbread house kit from Whole Foods, so it'll be easy to grab all the goodies you'll need, withoutContinue Reading

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