M & M Sofa

By: Diy maven Oct 31, 2008

The Tantisassi sofa kind of looks like my favorite melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hand candies. Designed by Matteo Thun for Rossi di Albizzate, the sofa consists of 'strategically positioned' foam cushions over a steel frame. The cushions come with removable wool covers. If you're more of a Mentos fan, it comes in white too. Via.

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Licorice Chandelier

By: Diy maven Oct 31, 2008

Actually, the maker, ZNP Creative, calls it a Spaghetti Chandelier, but it looks more like licorice to me. (Maybe I just have Halloween on my mind.) The ‘spaghetti’ is red-coated, electrical wire that is draped over a white, powder-coated metal frame. The draping of the wire is left to the user, making the chandelier’s appearance change as you see fit. Perfect for Count Dracula's castle, circa 2008. Via.

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Eames Rubber Stamps

By: Lilybee Oct 25, 2008

Want 12 Eames classics for $13.57? Done.

created on: 10/25/08

The only catch is that they might be a bit, well, 2-dimensional and OK sure, they're only a few inches tall, but really, aside from that they're perfect in every way. This set, available from Amazon includes all the iconic pieces and the various motifs too. If you were, say, intending to make your own wrapping paper this holiday season you could do worse than a MCM… Continue Reading

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19th Century Terrace House Goes Modern

By: Diy maven Oct 13, 2008

This absolutely spectacular 19th century terrace house is located in Sydney's popular Paddington. The subtle changes to its traditional exterior hints at the modern transformation inside, both of which coexist quite nicely. For more images, visit Desire to Inspire.




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Recycled Plastic Bag Chair

By: Diy maven Oct 07, 2008

South African designer Ryan Frank was inspired by a South African crafted chicken ornament when creating this chair. Named 'Inkuku', which is Zulu for chicken, the chair is 'made entirely from plastic shopping bags combining traditional craft techniques and recycled material.' The structure is made of recycled aluminum as well. To see more of Ryan's designs, visit his website. Via.

Chicken ornament inspiration:


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Ikea Hack: Frosta Stool Shelving.

By: Chrisjob Oct 01, 2008

Shelf brackets from the hardware store run about $7-12 a piece, and you have your choice of twisty faux-Tuscan or industrial drab. This Ikea hack from Apartment Therapy gets your four 'brackets' for twelve dollars, with a much finer bent plywood motif.


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How-To Find Recycled, New, Upholstery-Weight Fabric Online

By: Modhomeecteacher Sep 30, 2008

created on: 09/30/08

It's like a dream come true.  Modern Fabrics is the online fabric source you've been been searching for.  Once you read about their designer fabric rescue and recycling operation, you'll be reupholstering everything you can get your hands on.  Modern Fabrics has taken the initiative to build an online business offering high end designer fabrics, usually sold To The Trade only.  They have managed to reclaim and… Continue Reading

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Cordon Bleu, Bird Style

By: Lilybee Sep 19, 2008

So you've made your little feathered chums the hippest house on the block, now might be a good time to throw them a dinner party. With that in mind here's a few recipes that boids go nuts for.

Hors d'oeurve:

Pine Cone Nibbles

  • pine cones
  • peanut butter
  • birdseed (your choice)

Spread peanut butter all over the pine cones and roll them in birdseed. Tie a piece of ribbon or string to the top of each… Continue Reading

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Playful Placemats from Modern Twist.

By: Chrisjob Sep 08, 2008

The photos intimate that these modern, poppy placemats from Modern Twist are intended for kids, but these, if I ever catch them for sale, will look mighty fine on my dining table. Their transparent nature simply enhances the beauty of the table, adding a bit of visual interest. "Made from hand silk-screened food-safe silicone, the Modern-twist placemat is available in botanical and nature-inspired patterns. With a minimalist… Continue Reading

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A New Take On Log Furniture

By: Diy maven Sep 08, 2008

created on: 09/08/08

Do you love log furniture? Do you hate it? If your feelings gravitate toward the later, take a gander at these sublime creations from Bleu Nature. The French company, created by Frank Lefebvre, uses Mother Nature’s answer to modern design, driftwood, to juxtapose luxury and simplicity to delightful effect. Energetic and youthful, these pieces are a far cry from the log-cabin look.  Via.



 … Continue Reading

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On the Auction Block: 21st Century Modern Masters

By: Diy maven Sep 08, 2008

Today, Christie’s auction house is setting aside its usual antique faire. On the block for your consideration is a collection of items from the creme de la creme of late 20th and early 21st century furniture designers. As you can imagine, these pieces are expensive. Like mortgage-the-house expensive. But, thanks to Christie’s on-line catalog, gawking is free. Here is just a peek at what you’ll find there:

'Komed' A… Continue Reading

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Simple, and completely DIYable, Box Shelves.

By: Chrisjob Sep 04, 2008

It's amazing how such a simple design and contruction works so well. A bit of MDF with a router run over the edges, some screws mounted to a cleat (as you can see in the photo), and they're yours for, what?, 20 dollars?


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Eubiq: modern electrical power strips

By: Chrisjob Sep 01, 2008

Boy, I sure hate surge protectors...




concept_product_rc.jpg concept_RH1.jpg


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The Stella Rug

By: Diy maven Aug 28, 2008

This is a swooner! The Stella Rug, new from Hidden Art Shop, seems to have been inspired by lace, but it has been taken in a completely modern direction. Made of 5mm thick felted wool, the rug is 120 cm in diameter and will set you back a cool £350. (That’s about 47 inches and about $640 US.)


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Techhie Trade Show or Mid-Mod Chat Station

By: Modhomeecteacher Aug 26, 2008

created on: 08/26/08

Donnie Deutsch always says "Look at what everyone is doing, and do the opposite."  That's what Mr. ModHomeEc got when he asked me to help him with booth decor at a medical techhie trade show he's doing.  Once I saw all the dark blues, silvers, tech signs and graphics, I knew his booth would stand out, good or bad, I have yet to hear.  The vintage living-room-like setting already attracted many customers, just… Continue Reading

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