How To: Make a Quick and Easy Modern Cake Stand

by DIY Maven
DIY modern cake stand
Photo: The Merrythought

Using just a few materials and a very cool pencil holder--YES, a pencil holder--we too can make a cool cake stand. Granted, it's not your usual pencil holder, which might make you think it comes from some high-end retailer. It doesn't! It comes from Target for only $7.99. 

DIY modern plant stand in process
Photo: The Merrythought

Other stuff we'll need to make one include a round piece of wood, glue...

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Curbly Original
How To: DIY Knock-Off Anthropologie Metalwork Hurricane

by Jennifer Farley

Anthropologie Metal Hurricane Knock Off

I have been loving brass metalwork hurricanes lately, especially the ones from Anthropologie. While trolling the lighting aisles of the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store the light bulb went off...the one in my head that is. I could use a brass and glass 1980s light fixtures to make a brass hurricane. Here is how I made my knock off metal work hurricane.   

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