12 Online Sources for Mid-Century Modern Hairpin Table Legs

by Capree K
Modarch Supply

With all the inspiration available these days, it's easier than ever to find a totally do-able DIY table project. From console tables to coffee tables to dining tables, it seems these projects all have one common denominator: hairpin legs. But where to buy hairpin legs? How much are they? Do they come in different sizes? Styles? Colors? Wonder no more, folks. We've scoured the internet and rounded up 12 sources for quality hairpin legs!     

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How To: Make a Quick and Easy Modern Cake Stand

by DIY Maven
DIY modern cake stand
Photo: The Merrythought

Using just a few materials and a very cool pencil holder--YES, a pencil holder--we too can make a cool cake stand. Granted, it's not your usual pencil holder, which might make you think it comes from some high-end retailer. It doesn't! It comes from Target for only $7.99. 

DIY modern plant stand in process
Photo: The Merrythought

Other stuff we'll need to make one include a round piece of wood...

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