Before and After: Amazing Airstream Makeover

by Brittni Mehlhoff

Packing up a suitcase and traveling around the country in an Airstream sounds like the perfect way to spend a few months. Unfortunately, Airstreams are incredibly expensive though. Unless, of course, you can get your hands on one that needs a whole lot of TLC, like the one above, and fix it up. Wait until you see what the owners did with this trailer. It looks so good.   

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Fresh $70 Entry Makeover (2-fer)

by DIY Maven

After five months of hating her avocado green entry, Aly rolled up her sleeves and transformed it for $70 and a weekend's worth of work. After seeing tutorials on the interweb for adding board and batten trim to a wall, she decided to give it a go. With the old and new trim painted white

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Curbly Original
How To: Give Old Furniture a Colorful, Patterned Makeover with Wallpaper

by Capree K

Let's say you find an old piece of furniture at your local thrift store: it has great bones but the finish has seen better days (sound familiar?). You know you can do something awesome with it, but what? All-over paint? A new stain? Boring!

Instead, bring it back to life with this colorful, pattern-tastic DIY idea from ModCloth! Whether you choose to go bold or keep it subtle, this technique allows for nearly infinite customization and creativity. Ready to get started? Let's go!       

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Curbly Original
The Curbly House: Our Dining Room Makeover with Emily Henderson

by Alicia Lacy

Last week we told you all about the magic that's happening in our master bedroom, thanks to Ms. Emily Henderson and the lovely folks at Sherwin-Williams! This week, we're back to give you a little preview of what's in store for the dining room. 

But, before we get into the details of our new-and-much-improved dining space, let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

When bought the house, the dining room...

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