Unbelievable Curb Appeal Makeover

by DIY Maven

This is one of those makeover where we have to suspend disbelief. The '50's ranch pictured above came to the new owners complete with a concrete front yard and metal fence that made it look like a prison. (Not the vibe most people want in their curb appeal.) The owners of the ranch decided to remove it all and then reorient the garage (at the far left). Now what does it look like? 

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Curbly Original
Rustic Bench Gets Modern Moroccan-Inspired Makeover

by DIY Maven

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My dad was a jack of all trades as far as DIY was concerned. Plumbing, heating, engine repair. He did just about everything. The one thing he rarely did was make furniture. Only two such projects come to mind: a coffee table that was long gone by the time I came around, and there is the bench you see above. Dad's bench, as we refer to it, was never meant to be a 'beauty' piece, but rather a workbench of sorts for my mother. 

painter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tape

It went on the auction block when they downsized about 6 years ago. As I stood watching the auctioneer offer up the bench, I decided I couldn't part with it and entered into a heated bidding war with a total stranger. I paid five bucks for it.

For being 60+ years old, it's in pretty good shape, and, thanks to box nails, it's still super sturdy. All it needed was some love and some Moroccan spice.

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Before and After: A Boring Cabinet Becomes A Beautiful Dog House

by Lexy Ward

You can't always find the perfect dog house at the pet store. If you're like me, you wander the aisles looking for something clean and beautiful. Are you going to find something like that at the store? Not likely. That's when it's time to make one yourself. This cabinet got a makeover and became a sweet home for a sweet pup. You won't believe how beautiful the finished product is!      

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Our Affordable Kitchen Makeover: The Reveal!

by Bruno Bornsztein

We're so excited to share the big reveal of our Wilsonart affordable kitchen remodel today! To refresh your memory, this is the kitchen in my dad's new house, a few blocks from our own:

It was (clearly) in desperate need of some help. But, since my dad's not a huge foodie (he spends more time at museums than in the kitchen), we didn't want to spend a ton to refresh the look.     

We teamed up with Wilsonart to incorporate their...

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