Chandy Candy: Amazing Chandelier Makeover

By: Craftmel Jul 27, 2011

created at: 07/27/2011

If I were to tell you that this builder-basic chandelier was really a diamond in the rough and you'd want it in every room of your house, would you believe me?  What if I told you the key to success was a few metal baskets?  See for… Continue Reading

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Yard Sale Hall Tree Transformation

By: Diy maven Jul 26, 2011

created at: 07/26/2011

How many times have we seen a perfectly good piece of thrift furniture with embossing? Oftentimes it can be a deal-breaker. Brooke, however, found a way to get around that troubling design choice. Wood putty! She also employed her Silhouette to make a vinyl etching, which she applied to the mirror itself. So charming. This is what the hall tree looked like before in its… Continue Reading

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Countertop Crush: Stained Butcher Block

By: Craftmel Jul 26, 2011

created at: 07/26/2011

I've always loved Butcher Block countertops, and I try to think that if I had them, maybe I'd chop more veggies or something.  Wishful thinking, I know.  But when I saw these IKEA countertops transformed, I fell more in love and decided maybe I'll just stick to cutting boards for my… Continue Reading

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Before & After: A Complete Master Bath Makeover for $500!

By: Capreek Jul 25, 2011

created at: 07/25/2011

Bathroom renovations are one of those projects that can quickly blow any semblance of a budget straight out of the water.  The fact that this makeover cost a little over $500 is absolutely mind boggling - and just goes to show the impact ingenuity and the DIY spirit can have on your space and your… Continue Reading

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From Lumpy to Fabulous: A Bed Pillow Makeover and How-to!

By: Capreek Jul 25, 2011

created at: 07/25/2011

We all have them: old lumpy pillows that have seen better days but, for whatever reason, we can't bring ourselves to get rid of.  They hide in chests or closets "just in case", waiting for an unsuspecting overnight guest or even, perhaps, the perfect DIY project.  If you have a few of these forgotten pillows, we have the solution for transforming them into something better!  Read… Continue Reading

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Test Lab: Vecco Colorants for Carpet Makeovers

By: Diy maven Jul 25, 2011

created at: 07/25/2011

Have you heard of Vecco? If not, let me explain. Vecco is a system of templates, colorants and sealants which lets DIYers customize just about any carpet--area rug or wall-to-wall. Now, before you say, "Sounds like stenciling to me," it is and it isn't. Yes, there are stencils (templates) involved, but Vecco colorant is nothing like any paint you've ever used. The system sounded so intriguing, that when they recently offered to send over a test kit, I had to accept and share my findings with my fellow… Continue Reading

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Simple Spray Paint Porch Makeover: Part 2

By: Alicia Jul 21, 2011

This month, Krylon is sponsoring a series of thrifty, creative DIY projects:
Candle-holders, before spray-painting
Last week we told you about the happy marriage between Krylon spray paint and our front porch (specifically our tables and chairs). Still basking in a newlywed glow, we decided to bring a little color to the lighting on our the porch.

Our half-made-over porch

Because we don't have a power outlet on the porch, we use a lot of candles. In our initial search for candle holders… Continue Reading

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From This to That: More Clever Repurposing DIY Projects

By: Bruno Jul 20, 2011

This July, we're focusing on all things thrifty, recycle-y, and makeover-y. Last week, I rounded up a bunch of cool repurposed projects, and this week, well, I'm doing it again (notice a trend?).

First up: DIY-Maven's craft room arty abacus uses spools of thread in a creative way:

Art abacus using spools of thread

Have a spare wine barrel lying around? How about turning it into a delicious-smelling coffee table (or, better yet, a wine table, if thatContinue Reading

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Water Damaged to Wonderful: A Chic Dresser Makeover!

By: Capreek Jul 18, 2011

created at: 07/18/2011

This flea market find was in dire need of some TLC.  Fortunately, it landed in just the right hands!  Ready for the after?  Read… Continue Reading

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Makeover Madness: The Landscape Edition

By: Diy maven Jul 18, 2011

created at: 07/18/2011

Pavers, plants and ponds, oh my! 'Tis landscaping season in Curblyland. If you have a vision of a backyard oasis dancing in your head but need a little inspirational push to start digging in, here are five fabulous before and afters to prime the pump.

We start with a project from Visionscapes Northwest. The backyard of this property looks all too familiar. It WAS bland and barren, but take a look at… Continue Reading

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Our Simple Spray Paint Porch Makeover (Part 1)

By: Alicia Jul 14, 2011

This month, Krylon is sponsoring a series of thrifty, creative DIY projects:

Our porch, (long) before the makeoverI often say our porch is my favorite room in the house. It was horrendous when we moved in; floors covered in green artificial turf, holey screens heavily framed in rotting wood, paint chipping, and floor slanting. (It's still slanted, "for drainage.") The above photo was taken in the winter, making the porch even more drab, but it certainly gives you an… Continue Reading

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From This to That: More Clever Repurposing DIY Projects

By: Bruno Jul 13, 2011

This July, we're focusing on all things thrifty, recycle-y, and makeover-y. Last week, Chris rounded up eight cool repurposing projects, and this week, I'm bringing you six more!

First up: our tricked-out tricycle makeover:

A shabby secondhand trike gets a facelift

I bet you wouldn't believe these pretty decorative trees are… Continue Reading

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Shopping Your Backyard: Garden Bench Makeover

By: Craftmel Jul 13, 2011


created at: 07/12/2011

This eyesore of a bench had seen its day.  The outdoors had done its work on the poor thing, and it was showing it.  But one DIY-er could see the beauty within this beast and went to work, creating a new garden bench from her old, splintered… Continue Reading

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Make It: An Easy DIY Crisscross Ribbon Lampshade!

By: Capreek Jul 12, 2011
Images removed at the request of MidwestLiving. Sorry, everyone!

Last week, we showed you how to give a thrift store lamp base a quick and easy update but what if it's not the base that needs help?  If you have a lamp with a shade that's seen better days consider treating it to this easy no-sew… Continue Reading

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Functional Art: A Garage Sale Find Gets a Painterly Makeover!

By: Capreek Jul 11, 2011

created at: 07/11/2011

We've all seen them; they're at every yard sale and garage sale across the globe: plain, boring, or otherwise uninteresting pieces of furniture.  But if there's one thing to be learned from our many Makeover Monday posts, it's this: think twice before you pass them up!  With a little creativity and skill, the potential to transform those forgotten pieces is virtually… Continue Reading

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