$20 Bench Gets Million $ Makeover

By: Diy maven Jun 27, 2011

created at: 06/27/2011

Aimee nabbed this smelly bench on Craigslist for a measly 20 bucks. Although she had never ripped apart upholstery before, that's exactly how she began its makeover. THIS is what it looks like… Continue Reading

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Before and After: A Bathroom Transformed

By: Ethan Jun 20, 2011

Our guest bathroom was in sorry shape- cracked floor tiles, vanity falling apart, even the toilet wasn't salvageable. So, we knew it was due for a major overhaul.

Here's what we planned:

  • Retile the floor: It was obvious that the subfloor was uneven causing the tiles to break apart. We needed to remove all the tile and put down concrete board to provide a nice, even surface.
  • New vanity: The bathroom vanity was original to the… Continue Reading
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Buffet Makeover: From Horrid to Heavenly

By: Diy maven Jun 15, 2011

It's not often when a 'before' makes me wince, but this buffet, which had been stored in a barn, did. Beth & Nick saw its potential and turned it into a changing table. Are you ready to take a look at it now? Hold on to your… Continue Reading

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How To: Make a Sandwich Station from a Recycled Drawer

By: Miki40 Jun 14, 2011

created at: 06/14/2011

Let’s begin with a logic experiment:

  1. I am not a morning person.
  2. I love drawers. In fact, it’s a borderline fetish.
  3. I am a mother.

How does 2 help me with 1 even though I am 3? Easy. I made a Drawer Sandwich Station.  My DSS helps me prepare sandwiches for my kids for school in no time.  Everything I need is spread before me, ready to be used, and in less than a minute… Continue Reading

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Amazing Chandelier Makeover

By: Diy maven Jun 09, 2011

old chandelier - before

Monica over at Crafty Nest is in the process of making over her dining room. She's nearly done and will post the reveal soon. However, she's given us a little taste of what's to come with this chandelier makeover. One look at the after and we'll never look at discarded brass fixtures quite the same… Continue Reading

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Before and After: A Gift-Wrapping Closet

By: Craftmel Jun 07, 2011

I spent a bit of time recently wrapping birthday presents, and realized that my gift wrapping storage under the bed was less than effective in keeping everything organized and accessible. Just imagine this DIYer's Before picture under my bed.  No bueno.  I'll just admit I've been slapping on those cheap bows recently just to avoid pulling out my supplies.

created at: 06/07/2011

I am highly considering making our coat closet (coat closets in Arizona?  What were they thinking??) into something as organized as this Before/After… Continue Reading

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Door Turned Toddler Bed

By: Diy maven Jun 07, 2011

created at: 06/07/2011

We've seen a lot of doors turned into headboards around here, but not doors turned into entire beds! Gail shows us every detail in its construction over at My Repurposed Life. Quite the transformation,… Continue Reading

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Foreclosure Gets a Fun Makeover

By: Chrisjob Jun 06, 2011

created at: 06/06/2011

When you spend all day online hanging about the design and home decor blogosphere (as I do), it can get a little dream-y, and you can feel pretty removed from the vaulted ceilings and bright white walls, the huge windows and the $5000 chairs.

And then sometimes, you run across a project that's much closer to reality, more like home. Like, one from your own neighborhood, perhaps?

So, when I saw this transformation of a foreclosed property that's not two miles from my own house, I got pretty… Continue Reading

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Makeover: Typographic Chair

By: Diy maven May 31, 2011

created at: 05/31/2011

Diana took a plain, old IVAR chair ($19.99) like the one pictured above and gave it a very cheeky makeover, thanks to one big 'S' that she cut out of a piece of 1/2" plywood. Some 150 grit sandpaper and a couple cans of spray paint later, this is what it looks like… Continue Reading

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Before & After: A Masculine Nursery Makeover

By: Capreek May 30, 2011

created at: 05/29/2011

Fluffy pastel animals: take a hike!  This may be one of the manliest baby nurseries I've ever… Continue Reading

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Ban Your Beige Sofa Blues with Playful Tufting!

By: Capreek May 23, 2011

created at: 05/23/2011

Is your beige sofa getting you down?  Consider giving it a playful (and colorful)… Continue Reading

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Before & After: Ultimate Playroom Makeovers

By: Capreek May 23, 2011

created at: 05/23/2011

Yes, makeovers plural!  And yes, they're all ultimate!  Don't believe me?  Read… Continue Reading

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How To: DIY Spherical Base Lamp

By: Chrisjob May 23, 2011

created at: 05/23/2011

Brooke says, "I have seen some SAWEEEEEET lamps out there right now with spheres on the lamp bases. I wanted to try and make my own version, but it has taken me a few weeks to come up with a worthy alternative for the lamp base. If I used styrofoam, it wouldn't look smooth. If I used circles of wood, it would cost too much."

And then she figured it out, and the results are mighty clever. Can you guess what… Continue Reading

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Dozens & Dozens of Makeovers!

By: Diy maven May 23, 2011

created at: 05/23/2011

If you love before & afters as much as I do, you must visit Shelter Style. Each of the DOZENS of makeovers highlighted is the work of Joetta Moulden, whose creations have been included in some very big name magazines including This Old House, Better Homes & Gardens and Every Day with Rachael Ray. Her #1 rule makeover rule is to "rethink what you already own instead of buying more furniture and accessories." (We like that!) From bathrooms to kitchens and every room in… Continue Reading

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Before & After: A Dingy Kitchen Gets a Breath of Fresh Air!

By: Capreek May 18, 2011

created at: 05/18/2011

Ahhh, there's nothing quite like a good kitchen makeover.  Especially when the "before" is, well, kinda scary.  Not to worry, though.  It'll be safe to uncover your eyes in 3, 2,… Continue Reading

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