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Capree's Office Makeover: The Embarrassingly Bad and Completely Heinous 'Before'

by Capree K

created at: 01/10/2013

Oh, that's right. I'm bringing out the big descriptive guns on this one, y'all. HEINOUS: it's the only word to describe the state of my home office, pre-makeover. The utter chaos is soul-crushing to look at; can you imagine working -- and attempting to be productive -- in that environment? No. You can't. Because it's impossible.

Obviously, something had to give and quickly. So, this last fall, my husband and I rolled up our sleeves and decided to finally do something about this mess. What you see above and below is the 'before' -- on a good day. Please don't judge... too harshly. (You can judge a little bit, I mean c'mon!)        

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Roundup: 10 Awesome Home Office Makeovers

by Brittni Mehlhoff

created at: 01/09/2013

If 'getting organized' or 'staying motivated' is on your list of new year's resolutions, check out this roundup of awesome home office makeovers. These before and afters will inspire you to get down to business when it comes to your workspace. And if you love the space you work in, you'll be far more likely to stay organized and motivated in 2013. So you can keep your goals on track and do a little redecorating to boot. Take a look at these home office redos to get inspired.      

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The Curbly House Gets a Window Dressing Makeover: The Inspiration

by Alicia Lacy

The windows are the best thing about our new house. They are old and many need some repair, but they're full of character and they bathe us in natural light all day long. I can't tell you how many people have told us the place feels like a tree house, with all the natural light. We totally agree.

But after we lived here for a few days, we realized there's one problem with tree house living ... there's no privacy. So after a few nights...

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