DIY Tip: Pressure Washers Can Cause Serious Injury

By: Modhomeecteacher May 13, 2010

created at: 05/13/2010

We have a friend who loans out her pressure washer like it's a garden hose. Not so fast! Besides damaging decks, siding, brick or driveways, a wayward jet stream across a leg can cause serious, if not permanent, injury. According to Mary Pat McKay of the American College of Emergency Physicians, Continue Reading

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How to Make an Indoor, Wall-Mounted Clothesline

By: Diy maven May 04, 2010


As we speak, a very large damp coverlet is draped over my banister. If I had a clothesline, it would be hanging outside, of course. But not only do I not have an outdoor clothesline, I don't have an indoor one either. Although, my coverlet wouldn't fit on this wall-mounted indoor clothes line, my unmentionables certainly would. If you have an unused corner somewhere in your diggs, you just might want to make one. Here's the supply list:Continue Reading

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DIY: Washer and Dryer Pedastals

By: Modhomeecteacher Apr 20, 2010

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Eco Friendly Aromatherapy Laundry Soap

By: Modhomeecteacher Nov 02, 2009

created at: 2009-11-02

Once you've bypassed the fragrances and concentrated sudsing, what's left to show for it? You have clean clothes, but no good smellum. Instead of dumping in your own essential oils, which was my first thought,  better order some eco friendly aromatherapy laundry soap from Etsy's LotusSoap. For a mere $3.50, you can try a sample pack of just about any fragrance you can imagine. Continue Reading

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Six Tips to Soften Butter on the Fly.

By: Chrisjob Oct 31, 2009

Making Butter Curls Is A Quick Way To Soften Butter

Whether you need it for your toast, or its time to whip up your first batch of holiday cookies, there's all sorts of occassions in which you need to bring chill-chested butter to room temp without melting it. The microwave is out, but these six ideas from TipNut will get you spreadable in a flash.

  • Grate with a box grater
  • Heat gently in a glass bowl with warm water
  • Get a butter curler, and heat it slighty.

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Laundry Face Art

By: Modhomeecteacher Sep 05, 2009

created at: 2009-09-05

Bored at the the laundramat waiting for your undies to dry? Try biding your time with some strategic folding to create expressive faces and profiles to entertain your fellow laundry doers. Crooked Brains blog has Continue Reading

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How to Make Your Own Fabric Softener

By: Diy maven Aug 31, 2009

towels Towels: Low cost luxury


If you haven't given up drier sheets yet, you really should. (They're icky...for a lot of reasons that I won't go into here.) The best kind of fabric softener to use is the liquid kind, and this formula from Recipezaar is not only environmentally friendly it's CHEAP! All it takes is.......Continue Reading

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10 Ways to Soften Hard Brown Sugar.

By: Chrisjob Aug 04, 2009

Picture of Brown Sugar - Tipnut.comThough my personal trick is to try to prevent it from getting crunchy in the first place, it happens anyway. Brown sugar, no matter what you do, tends to end up rock hard. So, here's ten ideas from TipNut to give it new life.

  1. Seal with fresh bread.
  2. Add water and restore.
  3. Re-moisten with a damp cloth.
  4. Store with an apple.
  5. Wrap in foil and plastic wrap.
  6. Use damp pottery.
  7. Quick Tip #1: Microwave with water
  8. Continue Reading
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How To: Rid Shirts of Underarm Stains.

By: Chrisjob Jul 31, 2009

Summertime inspires light, airy clothing, and nothing beats a basic fresh, white shirt to feel fun and carefree. But, admit it, with white shirts comes the risk of underarm stains. To deal with basic white t loss, try these tips from Men's Flair. From homemade recipes of borax and baking soda, to the simple science of drying white shirts in the sun and storing them in a light, airy place, some combo bound to work for your gear.



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Brush Roll from Placemats and More Placemat Hacks

By: Modhomeecteacher May 11, 2009

created at: 2009-05-11

A trip to World Market or Pier One and you can't help but get inspired by the gorgeous placemats they stock.  Cut and finished pieces made from vibrant fabrics, and oh, the many ways to use them! Over on Dollar Store Crafts I found this makeup brush roll made from a sequined placemat with straight stitching and grosgrain ribbon. See more ideas of things to make using placematsContinue Reading

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Create Fresh Summer Scented Linens Year Round.

By: Chrisjob Feb 18, 2009

I was born in 1982. We ALWAYS had an electric clothes drying machine, and I admit the only times I've used a clothesline to dry my clothes have been outside the United States.

But, I've read the poetry. I know the images. I've seen the commercials. The smell of the sun on your bedsheets is, apparently, an amazing thing. And with THESE tips, apparently even folks like me, can get in on it. All year long.



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Deciphering Textile Care Symbols

By: Diy maven Feb 10, 2009

If you saw this care symbol on a clothing tag, would you know what it means?

created on: 02/10/09

How about this one?

created on: 02/10/09Continue Reading

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10 Most Necessary Places to Purge

By: Modhomeecteacher Dec 26, 2008

created on: 12/26/08

Holiday excitement has been replaced with the urge to purge, cleaning out cabinets and closets that is...Continue Reading

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Creating the Perfect Laundry Room

By: Diy maven Sep 24, 2008

Who wouldn’t rather do laundry in a laundry room that looks like this one? What makes it so special? Well, that Robbin’s egg blue is spectacular as are all the cool storage ideas that keep everything in its place. Julie Edwards at Home Improvement tells us how to implement these elements and others in our own homes to make laundry day a bit less taxing.

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10 Laundry Boosters Using Vinegar.

By: Chrisjob Sep 01, 2008

TipNut scores with another excellent household top ten: Using vinegar to make your laundry efforts a bit more successful.

1. Color Brightener.
2. Color Protector.
   3. Whiter Whites.
   4. Restore Whites.
   5. Preserve Linens.
   6. Yellowed Items Reviver.
   7. Heavy Duty Pre-Soak.
   8. Lint Busters.
   9. Fabric Softener.
  10. Ring Around The Collar Remover.

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